Porky's Revenge

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When malevolent casino owner Porky tries to pressure the local basketball coach into throwing the big game, the rowdy, fun-loving members of the Angel Beach High basketball team band together to foil his scheme. This third film in the Porky's series relies on the same brand of raunchy slapstick as its predecessors.


Dan Monahan
as Pee Wee Morris
Wyatt Knight
as Tommy Turner
Tony Ganios
as Meat Tuperello
Nancy Parsons
as Ms. Balbricker
Chuck Mitchell
as Porky Wallace
Rosemary McVeigh
as Miss Webster
Fred Buch
as Mr. Dobbish
Wendy Feign
as Blossom
Eric Christmas
as Mr. Carter
Ilse Earl
as Mrs. Morris
Pep and Country Bands
as Artists Network
Bill Hindman
as Coach Goodenough
Wanda the Chimp
as Animal Entertainment
Nancy Hassinger
as Grandmother
Rose McVeigh
as Miss Webster
Sandy Mielke
as Snooky Kelton
James Cassidy
as Preacher
Ron Campbell
as Crutcher
Jody Wilson
as Connie's Mom
Jim Paul Eilers
as Connie's Dad
Mal Jones
as Bridge Guard
Mark Harris
as Crewman
Jodie Wilson
as Connie's Mom
Bert Sheldon
as High Roller
Michael Sandler
as Older Man
Elaine Berman
as Animal Handler
Matt Johnson
as Thug #1
Fred Waugh (II)
as Dealer #1
Marc Mercury
as Dealer #2
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Audience Reviews for Porky's Revenge

  • Mar 20, 2013
    Third part in the Porky's trilogy of teen comedy films is a fun conclusion the series. The film still has the zany elements that made the films funny and memorable. The cast do a fine job here, and each actor brings something memorable and amusing in their roles. I really enjoyed the trilogy and each film was unique in their own right, even if they weren't great. If you love a fun comedy film that is mindless in its content, then this is a perfect film to watch. Usually by a third entry in a franchise, the ideas start to wander and become tiresome. However with this entry, it still manages to be funny with an interesting plot. The Porky's trilogy of films was the original teen comedy films. Although they were crude in certain parts, compared by today's standards, they're fairly harmless. The third film doesn't break any new ground, but it definitely a good little film that is a pleasant time waster. Just go into this film expecting something amusing, and you won't be disappointed. This is a must see for fans of the first two entries in the trilogy, and although it is nothing original that is being conveyed on-screen, there is all the necessary ingredient to make this is a good conclusion that is funny for what it is. Porky's Revenge is good from start to finish and it still has everything you'd expect from the series. Although in some areas, the film does lack, there is enough good comedic material to make it work well enough for its hour and a half run time.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • May 05, 2010
    Its a end of a classic sex teen comedy trilogy that are away fun the watch over and over again.
    Brian D Super Reviewer
  • Jul 15, 2007
    As silly as the first but you gotta see it
    Barry L Super Reviewer
  • Mar 04, 2007
    Man after the others were so good this sucked bad.
    Chad R Super Reviewer

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