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  • May 08, 2018
    Ah, soccer and religion. Two of my least favorite things ever. Well, really, more the latter than the former. As none of you may know, I've been an atheist since the age of 13. I'm not gonna go into further details as to why I don't practice religion, because we'd be here forever, but I just choose not to practice and don't believe that all of this has been intelligently designed by some higher power, because there's no intelligence behind the design. As far as soccer is concerned, while I understand that, worldwide, it's the most popular sport (take that, you arrogant Americans and your football that isn't actually football), but I don't really get the appeal. It's just not for me, I'm, obviously, not gonna cast aspersions on people who do enjoy the game and its intricacies. But it's "interesting" to see a movie like this. In many ways, this reminds me of Sister Act meets a Muppet movie. The Sister Act comes in how a young priest throws the monastery in disarray with his new ideas and out-of-the-box methods. He obviously clashes with the head monk, who values order and tradition above everything else. Just like Whoopi Goldberg and Maggie Smith (a WORLDWIDE treasure) in Sister Act. The Muppets come into play in that the monks start a soccer team (hoping to reach the Vatican, to play against their selection at the Champions Clerum) in order to save it from being sold. Sort of like the Muppets putting on a big variety show to save their theater from being demolished. Having said that, you might think that the movie borrowing from the Muppets, whom I love, and Sister Act which, while I haven't seen it in a long ass time, might still be a pretty good to this day, that this would probably end up being an enjoyable movie, even if it doesn't end up being something that you tell all your friends to watch. Well, you certainly thought wrong, because this movie honestly doesn't add up to much in the slightest. Look, I found all of the characters to be likable and the performances are solid all around, but that doesn't mean that I'm gonna overlook the obvious flaws within the movie. First things first, the biggest problem, to me, is that the movie is just trying way too fucking hard to be funny. It's not that they throw everything but the kitchen sink at you, I just mean that the jokes that are there don't really work for how forceful they are. They're not begging you to laugh, but they might as well be. The movie certainly got a few chuckles out of me, but the jokes were never as good as the movie felt that they were. I know it's probably contradictory, but a comedy doesn't need to be hilarious to be enjoyable. I think that's something that's people overestimate when it comes to comedies. I don't have to laugh a lot to enjoy a comedy. Just give me some laughs, strong characters and heart and I'll be more than fine. With your movie. This movie doesn't really give you any of that. It attempts to give you some heart, but it doesn't feel earned because none of the characters are anything special. Another major problem is the fact that the movie pretty much rushes through stuff some of its more interesting stuff. Like when Munilla (the head monk) prohibits the team from playing any more soccer after he and Salvador have a clash of ideas. They pretty much rush through Munilla allowing the team to continue without any real reason. I mean, he sees some photos that shows Salvador's dedication to his job and whatnot, but it would have been interesting to see that battle between ideas with Salvador and his more 'liberal' approach versus Munilla's more traditional approach. But they don't do that, they just rush through it to get you back to the soccer. And that's another thing, the games on display here are so fake looking. Obviously, they're not really playing soccer with a bunch of, probably, untrained actors. But the games look so phony even for a fictional movie that it's, honestly, quite laughable. And don't even get me started on the final game between the monks and the Vatican's team. They literally rush through the second half in a minute for no reason whatsoever. It drains the drama away from what should be the big climax. Of course, the idea is to do a penalty shootout which, again, lacks drama and ends...quite stupidly. With Munilla (who has been told bishop to 'take a dive' since the Vatican team can't lose) taking the final penalty shot. How this makes sense is beyond me, since Munilla never played in any of the tournament games that got the monks to the finals against the Vatican. So how in the FUCK is he allowed to take the final shot??? I guess you're not supposed to think about that, since, apparently, there are no rules in soccer. Or at least there are no rules in soccer in this film's universe. The big emotional moment of the team finally winning and overcoming all the odds feels like anything but. I'm sorry, but there's just no attachment to any of the characters. They're certainly likable on a surface level, but there's nothing of substance to them. That makes buying into their quest, so to speak, really difficult. The only real 'interesting' character is Simon, who's going through a crisis of faith as he doubts whether he chose the right path, given that he's in love with Sara. And I put interesting in quotation marks, because it's really not. The casting is solid and there's definitely some funny moments, but everything else about the movie falls flat. Its humor is forced, it rushes through scenes that might have led to some interesting results and its one-dimensional characters didn't do much for me. I thought the flick itself was watchable, at best, but there's nothing you need to see here. Very disappointing given the talent in front of the camera. But things don't always work out the way you want them. Can't really recommend this.
    Jesse O Super Reviewer

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