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December 4, 2016
Heartbreaking, emotional, intensa. Tan triste pero tan llena de esperanza. Pequeña jolla del 2011 que descubrí en Netflix
½ September 27, 2016
Loved the movie but hated the ending. How can they leave you hanging like that? I don't want to create my own version of events...I want the filmmakers to tell me how the story ends.
February 17, 2016
extremely well acted. Filmed with authenticity. A real love story
January 2, 2016
Emotional and dramatic. Only made me wonder about the realism of pausing for a shag while natzi hunters are after you....
½ October 25, 2015
Depressingly slow. Unhappy difficult times in history makes it very painful to watch? 50 minutes, half way, I'd had enough.
September 7, 2015
A classy, mature, serious, wonderful movie with great character development, and flow. You truly feel for the characters.
September 5, 2015
I enjoyed most of REMEMBRANCE but absolutely HATED the ending which cheated me as an audience member -- what?! Also the actors from 1944 were SO MUCH better than the actors from "modern day" that the film seemed lop-sided. As such, many scenes which should have had an impact failed. Glad I saw it, however.
½ September 3, 2015
Very powerful movie and one well worth watching. I was a little disappointed with the ending in that you don't know what happens to them after they are about to meet, e.g. there was no information at the end of the movie and before the credits to say what happened to each of them.
August 29, 2015
Excellent acting, excellent type casting, poignant war time love story. Do not miss it.
August 21, 2015
The love is touching but the story is not that striking compared to others that happened in concentration camps.
August 16, 2015
The color and music of the film were beautifully matched to the theme and focus of the story. As well, I liked the undercurrent of restraint and longing, both romantic and not, because it helped to create this wonderful depth throughout the telling of this story.
August 11, 2015
From IMBD:

(Remembrance) depicts a remarkable love story that blossomed amidst the terror of a German concentration camp in 1944 Poland. This impossible passion fuels the courage of a Polish prisoner who manages to rescue his Jewish girlfriend. Against all odds, they escape the camp and survive a treacherous journey to freedom. But during the chaos of the end of the war, they are forcibly separated and each is convinced that the other has died. More than thirty years later in New York, the happily married 52-year-old woman accidentally finds out that her former Polish lover is still alive. And she has to see him again.
April 13, 2015
I love movies that leave you wanting more. This one does not disappoint! You're left holding your breath in the last scene! Both my husband and I were locked into this movie the entire time. I would love to see a Part 2!
½ March 31, 2015
Very serious movie about prison camp survivors from the Holocaust era...well acted and captivating movie.
½ March 30, 2015
It is a beautiful movie, and absolutely heart-wrenching. It's not a war drama, so don't expect that, but the story is something else. That, and the fluid language switches and time changes are done so so so well.
March 5, 2015
Very compelling and emotional movie. Ranks close with the powerful Schindler's List. The agony and conflicting emotions of Hannah are conveyed perfectly. I was conflicted by the ending, it left so many possibilities open but at the same time I was desperately wanting to see Hannah find peace in her life.
January 6, 2015
You cannot escape memory. Watched 1/2015 while sick
½ December 9, 2014
A simple and lovely tale of things left unfinished. The ending is perfect.
October 9, 2014
Where's the ending??? Watched the whole, wonderful, dramatic film and... no "ending"?? I assume the premise is the viewer interprets their own idea "what happens next".
Ridiculous to put that much effort into the minute emotions of these people and then...You're on your own! Ugh. Wish I hadn't watched it now.
June 29, 2014
excellwnt movie about holocaust lovers who help each other escape a construction camp and how their survival at the end reunited their once love. this a great romantic drama. well acted, great storyline.
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