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In the year 2084, when humanity is decimated by a ruthless alien force, all hope lies in Milly (Anne Suzuki), a hardened young soldier, as she goes back in time to stop the invasion before it's too late. Ending up in present-day 2002, she appears in the middle of a gunfight as Miyamoto (Takeshi Kaneshiro), a mysterious mercenary, is breaking up a child-slave ring headed by Mizoguchi (Goro Kishitani), a ruthless Triad member with an uncanny thirst for blood. With bullets flying left and right, Milly is shot by Miyamoto and is brought into his secretive ring of do-gooding with the smart-mouthed Kirin Kiki, an arms-dealing old woman that's helping Miyamoto on his quest for revenge against Mizoguchi. Through some coercing (by the form of a small, explosive device the size of a band-aid on his neck), Miyamoto unwillingly joins the mission, as they infiltrate the government base that holds a captured alien and its crashed spacecraft -- the first contact that eventually brings on the invasion. With Mizoguchi and the Triads moving in, seeking some of the alien advanced weaponry, Miyamoto may finally get the vengeance he seeks as Milly gets closer and closer to saving the entire human race.


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  • Feb 01, 2011
    This Japanese sci-fi action thriller may lack originality but it still manages to be a very entertaining movie! The story consists of a young woman from a war-torn future who travels back in time 82 years to 2002 to prevent an alien invasion of earth summoning the help of a local hitman. It's got some super-cool action sequences and fairly decent special-effects. The bad guy is absolutely ruthless and the heroes are likable and excell in ass-kickery. It's Takeshi Kaneshiro at his most coolest! A must-see for sci-fi action fans.
    Lee ? Super Reviewer
  • Aug 12, 2009
    'Returner' is a fun action movie. It should at least satisfy hardcore action fans, and should be entertaining enough for anyone looking for a fun movie
    John M Super Reviewer
  • Apr 14, 2008
    One of the biggest rip-off's ever. You got Terminator, Matrix and ET all in one.
    The M Super Reviewer
  • Apr 10, 2008
    The movie is a hodge podge of several genres including sci-fi, action/adventure, drama, and not original in each idea...feels like "the matirx', 'E.T.' among others..but the way it all comes together..its quite entertaining.. I ended up loving it!! Both lead actor/actress are quite impressive in their looks and performance, and underneath all of the fireworks of this anime-feel of a movie..this is actually a sentimental story....really enjoyed this one!!
    alan j Super Reviewer

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