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August 13, 2017
What the fuck. No. To everything. Especially Sean Connery. Why was he ever considered cool? With lines like "Hay is for horses" he sounds like a dad.
August 2, 2017
Didn't rewatch so fudging the rating, had the VHS
June 2, 2017
Decent modern noir. The mystery is kept twisting through different turns, and there are some unique characters and interactions, but ultimately the sum is not equal to its parts, as the movie isn't as riveting as it should be...
April 14, 2017
Movie about two cops who try to solve a Japanese murder. Tries to be a culture clash movie, but fails miserably. Sean Connery can't save this dud.
½ January 23, 2017
During a party at the United States offices of a Japanese corporation in Los Angeles, a professional escort named Cheryl Lynn Austin (Tatjana Patitz) is found dead, apparently after a violent sexual encounter. Police Detectives Web Smith (Wesley Snipes) and John Connor (Sean Connery), a former police captain and expert on Japanese affairs, are sent to act as liaison between the Japanese executives and the investigating officer, Smith's former partner Tom Graham (Harvey Keitel). During the initial investigation, Smith believes the evidence indicates a sexual encounter and murder; however, Connor insists a deeper involvement by the corporation exists. After a grueling investigation, Connor receives a disc which contains the surveillance footage from the night of the murder. This later turns out to be a digitally altered video of the actual murder. The alteration implicates Eddie Sakamura, who is the son of a wealthy Japanese businessman and a longtime friend of Connor...

"Rising Sun" is such a 90s thriller with the same vibe, visual approach and predictability as in "Sliver" which handled voyeurism/surveillance as well. I have never red the book, but as far as I understand from other reviewers the Chrichton book is quite different from the Kaufman film. We have seen similiar plots, but better handled and with "Rising Sun" you don´t really care that much about who did the murder or why. There´s no real entertainment value or excitement. The John Conner role for Sean Connery fits him in certain ways, at the same time he floats around like some superior stereotypical Sherlock Holmes type with a full understanding of the Japanese culture which he is quick to point out. Wesley Snipes is as one dimensional as ever and doing yet another action anti-hero with a short temper and a quick trigger finger. Put them together and not that much happens except that Kaufman is trying to play with their cultural differences and characters on a very amateurish level. Harvey Keitel and Ray Wise are doing what they can, while Tia Carrere´s Jingo is such a terrible put together character and Steve Buscemi is as lost as he was in "Escape from L.A.". My treat in "Rising Sun" was to see the beautiful supermodel Tatjana Patitz as she was raised in the southern part of Sweden were I´m from. Not much else was any sort of treat in "Rising Sun".
½ January 16, 2017
"Rising Sun" is a decent crime film. The only reason that anybody would really seek this film out is if they are a fan of Wesley Snipes and Sean Connery, but it is good enough to hold your interest for two hours. The content of the film is definitely geared toward adults. The crime revolves around a murder that occurs in the middle of a sexual act, which resulted in a graphic portrayal of the act and then a consistent revisiting of the scene throughout the film. It definitely could have been done in a more tasteful, family-friendly manner but since I haven't read the book, I can't judge whether Michael Crichton's original source material necessitated it. I definitely prefer his stories about dinosaurs to this one. Connery and Snipes offer average performances compared to their typical output and establish an interesting buddy-cop-but-not-buddies chemistry. This is a great example of using a diverse cast to bring the characters to life. The white-washing of Hollywood films is always a hot topic but this film proves two things: 1. Using actors of the proper ethnicity for their character helps to create realism. 2. When you properly use actors of ethnicity, you do not have to parade it around as a victory against racism. This film was properly cast and it isn't necessary to turn it into a political statement. "Rising Sun" won't leave you feeling like you wasted your time but there are hundreds of better crime films that I would recommend before prioritizing this one.
September 28, 2016
I always liked this movie. Snipes and Connery make a good duo and it's based off of Michael Crichton novel. Thanks for the refresher NetFlix.
July 30, 2016
What could have been an interesting mystery becomes a convoluted mess. Connery and Snipes are good, but ultimately wasted.
June 21, 2016
Movie started off ok with a good plot. But the film just seemed to drag on and on to a very dissapointing climax if you can even call it a climax. Definetely only a one timer wouldnt watch again and wouldnt reccomend it to anyone.
June 20, 2016
This was back when the Japanese were supposed to buy up and take over America. BUT THAT NEVER HAPPENED.
½ April 7, 2016
90s hollywood-fied. Book was good and made a lot of sense. This movie not so much. Changed the killer and added some unnecessary kung-fu scenes that were just... well they were just terrible. Also if you didn't read the book I bet it was hard as fuck to follow along with what was happening.
June 16, 2015
SUMMARY: Two cops are teamed up to solve a murder at a Japanese corporation. Lt. Webb uses his toughness and John Conner who is also a specialist in Japanese culture uses his wit. REVIEW: In the long line of buddy cop movies I have never seen one like this. It's very different in a way I can't discribe. There's decent action and thrills to keep you interested plus it really keeps you guessing on who the real killer is with it's many twists and turns. One of the problems though is that it does get confusing and you may lose track at what is going on. I really liked Sean Connery in this movie. His wisdom and humor are what bring the entertainment to this movie. Both him and Wesley Snipes are a pretty decent duo and two big enough names to draw your attention to this buddy cop thriller.
May 19, 2015
loved this flick, I sure miss Sean Connery
May 6, 2015
Solid 90s thriller. Could do a lot worse!
April 8, 2015
Connery and Snipes were on such a roll then came this mess of a thriller.
½ February 23, 2015
Somewhat slow movie of Japanese business and murder.
December 30, 2014
It's a fine movie with some very fine paced writing and storytelling of investigation. It totally lacks suspense 80%, but offers several thrills lasting a few moments throughout the different acts of the story. It's unlike any Detective movie I've seen before; I'm not saying it's something new: that it is something I've never seen before because I have and many times actually, but that aside there's something different about this movie to compare with other movies of the 'crime' genre. It manages to explore a fairly good level of investigation with it's two leads, played by an ageing Sean Connery and Wesley Snipes.

It's fair to say the audience may have expected a fair bit of action to be depicted in this 'mystery solving' movie, but it still works well and there's a brief fight moment in the last few minutes of the movie - not good really, but ok.
½ November 24, 2014
Average whodunnit thriller that starts off well and goes downhill. Steve Buscemi seems the only one who either can or bothered to act in this movie. One of the worst Michael Crichton adaptations
½ November 3, 2014
Ein durchschnittlicher Thriller mit guten Darstellern! Der Film hätte durchaus spannend sin können. Doch leider wird es viel zu einfach runtergekurbelt. Sean Connery spielt sehr souverän, obwohl die Rolle nicht zu ihm passt. Auch Wesley Snipes versucht irgendwie mit zuhalten, schafft es aber nicht, der Film auf einer gewissen Höhe zu tragen. Ein gut gemeinter Film mit leider einem zu schwachen Drehbuch!
½ October 25, 2014
Horribly acted, flimsy early 90s murder mystery lacking in suspense and credulity. Other than that it was very impressive.
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