Dec 28, 2010
Not great, but moments of guilty pleasure.
Dec 30, 2006
The first half is hilarious but the second gives itself more to cautionary moralising and life lessons.
Jun 24, 2006
Every character becomes a cipher for a strangely reactionary morality tale.
Mar 10, 2003
Okay, so the plot's as fantastical and absurd as that whole, awful era, but damned if it isn't a good time.
Nov 6, 2002
It is a nonstop cliche.
Jan 22, 2002
An entertaining footnote to our karaoke culture.
Jan 22, 2002
The weight of what might have been hangs heavily over the proceedings.
Dec 17, 2001
A slick, soulless, desperately predictable trawl through rock'n'roll clichs.
Sep 28, 2001
A grueling and pointless endurance test
Sep 11, 2001
It has a comical sense of history and seems perfectly aware that it is recounting a myth.
Sep 10, 2001
A movie about the gullible and pitched to the naive, Rock Star struggles to resist being as generic as its title, but is never more than just another replay of the hoary postulate that showbiz is all about rising, falling and being redeemed.
Sep 7, 2001
Generally plays itself out with the plodding, high-decibel predictability of a Steel Dragon ballad.
Sep 7, 2001
Even though it's weak in the final stages, Rock Star has more than enough sparkle to last you.
Sep 7, 2001
It's fresh and funny while Chris is still struggling with his detractors.
Sep 7, 2001
Utterly predictable.
Sep 7, 2001
An irresistible movie about a guy who goes on a journey, the kind an audience can't wait to take with him.
Sep 7, 2001
Wahlberg is the reason Rock Star ... works as well as it does.
Sep 7, 2001
An unexpected pleasure.
Sep 7, 2001
It works well in narrative terms, thanks to strong characters and surprising respect for the music.
Sep 7, 2001
Never so awful that it warps into campy hilarity, nor is it ever so good that it threatens to become even remotely worthy.