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If its plot were as interesting as its torture devices, or its violence less painful than its performances, perhaps Saw V might not feel like it was running on fumes.



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One man. One plan. One foot. Yes, the doctor is in! With a strange twist of fate and a revengeful plot, get ready for the most anticipated event of Saw. Face your fears at his operating table. Know that no one is safe from his sickness. Chills and screams are his true pleasure. Oh...and Blood? You'll be drenched in it.

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  • Apr 13, 2016
    Saw V has one of the mildest traps in the franchise but the story was sort of unique. It really could have ended right here but they've left a cliff hanger for the next film.
    Sylvester K Super Reviewer
  • Dec 22, 2015
    Better than Saw 4 but nothing to rave about. The story was more basic and less confusing but there was still questions not answered and the acting wasn't as good as the previous instalments. I give this film 5/10.
    Sonny H Super Reviewer
  • Oct 31, 2015
    Jigsaw may be dead, but his work continues on in Saw V. FBI agent Peter Strahm plays a deadly game of cat and mouse with police detective Mark Hoffman after coming to suspect that he was Jigsaw's accomplice; meanwhile 5 people fight for their lives in a maze full of death traps. The writing is really poor, as Strahm's investigation into Hoffman couldn't be more boring and the death maze segments seem completely disconnected from the rest of the film. Void of any suspense or thrills, Saw V is a pale imitation of what has come before.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Mar 25, 2015
    Saw V was the low point in the franchise for me, not fun like the last two films, and not smart like the first four. The "twist" is disappointing as Hell, and the acting is the lowest calibre it's been since Producer Leigh Whannell took on the primary role of the first movie to save money. The effects are at their lowest point to date (though they would come to set the bar even lower in Saw VII). Still, if you've made it to this point in the story, you're probably on board with what Saw has to offer, and in that aspect Saw V still works, it just works less well than any other film in the series.
    Gimly M Super Reviewer

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