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You'd think they would know better from their first glance at the foreboding stone exterior of the blood-sucking Count's castle, but apparently they didn't, for this young couple, who are looking for the young man's missing brother, walks right into Dracula's lair. Christopher Lee plays Count Dracula in this gory and violent scare-maker.

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  • Aug 09, 2012
    A very poor addition to the Hammer Dracula collection and you have to feel sorry for Lee. He always wanted to do his ultimate Dracula film and here at least he gets to crawl down the castle wall but apart from that (pretty dodgy) effect the rest is a rehash of previous (better) Hammer entries. Lee actually looks quite uncomfortable this time and no wonder when he has the likes of Dennis Waterman starring opposite him! The film actually starts quite well (apart from a silly rubber bat biting itself to allow Dracula to rise from the grave, I kid you not!) with Matthews as an entertaining playboy-type who, after a series of misadventures, ends up at Castle Dracula. Unfortunately when he disappears we are only left with Waterman as the heroic lead and he never pulls it off. Troughton is on hand as Dracula's assistant and at least his story is quite interesting and played with sympathy but by the end with Dracula struck by a lightening bolt and an obvious stuntman on fire you'll regret having wasted your time with this film. Stick with 'the 58 original and 'Prince of Darkness'.
    David S Super Reviewer
  • Feb 10, 2011
    A village girl found murdered, could it be that Dracula is back? Playboy Paul Carlson is about to find out. A bat hovers over a concrete slab, blood frothing from its mouth, the drops of which are reinvigorating the Prince Of Darkness. Yes, Dracula is back, bloodier than usual and even kind of chatty! Directed by Roy Ward Baker and starring Christopher Lee in his fifth outing as Dracula, Scars Of Dracula, hamstrung by low budget as it is, is one of the better efforts in the Hammer Horror Dracula cycle. Standard rules apply, buxom wenches are ripe for slaughter and the guys are a mixture of village yokels and posh gentlemen. Lee as ever is charming and carrying his air of nastiness, and the story leads us nicely to a castle top finale of some standing. There's also some nice visual flourishes and memorable scenes along the way. Blood drips onto white candles that segue into red ones and Drac walks up walls. While the redness in the piece has never more been so vivid thanks to Moray Grant's impacting photography. The cast reads like a who's who of British television, you got a Doctor Who {Patrick Troughton with the worlds scariest eyebrows}, Minder {a badly miscast Dennis Waterman}, a Bond girl and presenter of Magpie {the lovely Jenny Hanley} and Lord Melbury from Fawlty Towers {Michael Gwynn}.
    Cassandra M Super Reviewer
  • Jan 04, 2011
    Classic Hammer vampire action. When a charismatic young man gets forced into spending the night in a castle he is eventually murdered by Dracula. Things later get dangerous as the mans brother and the girl both brothers want a piece of try and find him. Their hunt eventually leads them to the castle where the lord of the undead awaits. This is probably the goriest of Christopher Lees Draculas(not that thats saying much by todays standards) but as with all Hammer horrors, this carries an element of class that made Hammer so successful. Yes, the bats are so clearly fake it looks a bit silly but Scars of Dracula is a good horror tale and carries on Draculas story well.
    Adam M Super Reviewer
  • Feb 06, 2009
    I always love a good Hammer Horror, this however doesn't fall into that category. The acting is pretty awful and the plot is nothing special. Even for a small budget early 70s film the effects are bad, although the sight of those incredible fake looking rubber bats spitting red paint does raise a few laughs. On the plus side Christopher Lee does get more screen time than any other of the Dracula flicks, which is always a good thing.
    Emily B Super Reviewer

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