Series 7: The Contenders

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Boasting no big-name stars, Series 7 is surprisingly well-acted. Its timing is impeccable, with its dark humor casting shadows over the enjoyment and popularity of today's reality-TV shows.



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In this take-off on reality television programs (shot on digital video), a show entitled "The Contenders" has just selected six people at random for the high-rated series. Their mission: to assassinate one another until there is one lone survivor. Among the contestants are Dawn (Brooke Smith), the reigning champion who claims ten kills in two tours thus far -- and who also happens to be eight months pregnant; Tony (Michael Kaycheck), a blue-collar family man; Connie (Marylouise Burke), an emergency-room nurse who strongly believes in God; Franklin (Richard Venture), an aging conspiracy theorist; Lindsay (Merritt Wever), an average 18-year old high schooler with a set of interfering parental units; and Jeff (Glenn Fitzgerald), an artist dying of testicular cancer who also happens to be the long-lost love of champ Dawn (which is why the show's producers forced them to reunite under such odd circumstances). "The Contenders" must learn to outwit each other and create effective diversions in order to protect themselves, particularly Dawn, who is fighting for not only herself, but her unborn child as well. Series 7 is the debut feature from screenwriter Daniel Minahan (I Shot Andy Warhol).

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Brooke Smith
as Dawn Lagarto
Marylouise Burke
as Connie Trabucco
Glenn Fitzgerald
as Jeffrey Norman
Michael Kaycheck
as Tony Reilly
Richard Venture
as Franklin James
Merritt Wever
as Lindsay Berns
Tanny McDonald
as Dawn's Mother
Mark Woodbury
as Dairy Mart Clerk
Tom Gilroy
as Dawn's Cameraman
Robin Borden
as Doria Lookalike No. 1
Lauren Ward
as Doria Lookalike No. 2
Aydin Bengisu
as Jeff Lookalike No. 1
Josh Mosby
as Jeff Lookalike No. 2
Babo Harrison
as Dawn Lookalike
Will Arnett
as Narrator
Adena Shea Loomis
as Ultra Sound Baby
Pamela Wehner
as Lottery Spokesmodel
John Ventimiglia
as Dispatch Operator
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Audience Reviews for Series 7: The Contenders

  • Jun 26, 2013
    "Series 7: The Contenders" has all the visual resemblance of the reality television shows it's poking fun at, but its concept is essentially a one trick pony. Nothing about "The Contenders" or why it exists is ever elaborated on and the satire isn't as dark or hard-hitting as it should be. As far as I can tell, the acting is exceptional considering the cast is full of unknowns, but the film as a whole feels like a wasted opportunity.
    Stephen E Super Reviewer
  • Jan 30, 2012
    I think one of the things that this film can boast is its realism. It was well-acted so my question is: Where the heck does these actors went now? It felt very real, it is not lacking in dark humor . . . and just, good.
    August S Super Reviewer
  • Jan 23, 2012
    Nearly a masterpiece, it's so wickedly funny I just can't help myself but laugh all the way through. It's low budget yet surprisingly fresh and original. The characters were interestingly enough to keep me going, the acting was great too, very realistic. I really enjoy the tv show-like editing and narration.
    Sylvester K Super Reviewer
  • Apr 03, 2008
    Decent Canadian film about a television show whose goal is for the contenders to kill off one another. Unfortunately it becomes too comedic by the end, but all in all it's a decent watch.
    Christopher B Super Reviewer

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