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M Night Shayamalan's The Sixth Sense is a twisty ghost story with all the style of a classical Hollywood picture, but all the chills of a modern horror flick.



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In this chilling psychological thriller, eight-year-old Cole Sear is haunted by a dark secret: He is visited by ghosts. A helpless and reluctant channel, Cole is terrified by threatening visitations from those with unresolved problems who appear from the shadows. Confused by his paranormal powers, Cole is too young to understand his purpose and too terrified to tell anyone about his torment, except child psychologist Dr. Malcolm Crowe. As Dr. Crowe tries to uncover the ominous truth about Cole's supernatural abilities, the consequence for client and therapist is a jolt that awakens them both to something harrowing -- and unexplainable.

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Bruce Willis
as Malcolm Crowe
Toni Collette
as Lynn Sear
Olivia Williams
as Anna Crowe
Donnie Wahlberg
as Vincent Gray
Mischa Barton
as Kyra Collins
Bruce Norris
as Stanley Cunningham
Greg Wood
as Mr. Collins
Angelica Torn
as Mrs. Collins
Lisa Summerour
as Bridesmaid
Firdous Bamji
as Young Man Buying Ring
Samia Shoaib
as Young Woman Buying Ring
Hayden Saunier
as Darren's Mom
Janis Dardaris
as Kitchen Woman
Neill Hartley
as Visitor No. 2
Sarah Ripard
as Visitor No. 3
Heidi Fischer
as Visitor No. 4
KaDee Strickland
as Visitor No. 5
Michael J. Lyons
as Visitor No. 6
Samantha Fitzpatrick
as Kyra's Sister
Holly Rudkin
as Society Lady No. 1
Kate Kearney Patch
as Society Lady No. 2
Marilyn Shanok
as Woman at Accident
Wes Heywood
as Commercial Narrator
Nico Woulard
as Hamged Male
Jodi Dawson
as Burnt Teacher
Tony Donnelly
as Gunshot Boy
Ronnie Lea
as Secretary
Carlos X. Lopez
as Spanish Ghost on Tape
Gino Inverso
as Young Vincent
Ellen Sheppard
as Mrs. Sloan
Tom McLaughlin
as Anna's Father
Candy Aston-Dennis
as Anna's Mother
Patrick F. McDade
as Shaken Driver
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Critic Reviews for The Sixth Sense

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  • You leave slightly asquirm. You know it will linger. It becomes a clammy, chilly movie building toward a revelation that you cannot predict. As I say: I cannot tell you. You'd hate me if I did. I can only say, don't look now, but look sometime.

    Oct 7, 2014 | Full Review…
  • Dr Crowe gradually comes to believe that little Cole can indeed commune with the unquiet souls, who are reaching out to him for help. And, yes, the scenes where Cole does so can be very creepy indeed.

    Aug 27, 2013 | Full Review…
  • So transparent is Osment as an actor, and so rare, that the pain on his face stabs you in the heart.

    Aug 27, 2013 | Rating: 3.5/4 | Full Review…
  • Osment's pinched, old-young face suggests an ancient's insight without an ancient's defenses -- a sensitivity so exquisitely morbid that you worry more for his emotional than physical well-being.

    Aug 27, 2013 | Full Review…

    David Edelstein

    Top Critic
  • Willis turns in a measured and understated performance.

    Aug 27, 2013 | Full Review…
  • A delicate, emotionally attentive, but very scary ghost story.

    Oct 10, 2012 | Full Review…

    David Denby

    New Yorker
    Top Critic

Audience Reviews for The Sixth Sense

  • Oct 26, 2016
    The problem with a film so synonymous with a shocking twist or an ending reveal is that there isn't much value to re-watching such a film. Sure, there are plenty of good things about The Sixth Sense, but I can't help but think without the famous twist, this movie would have been just your average thriller. Being a huge film fan, it was always hard admitting that I haven't seen M. Night Shyamalan's "masterpiece", The Sixth Sense. But because I've known the twist for years now, I had a difficult time mustering up the motivation to watch a film knowing its ending. I can't stand knowing endings going into the viewing experience. With that said, there are a lot of things about this film that are good, so I'm mad at myself for taking so long. But also keeping that in mind, I hardly believe this film was best picture quality, nor deserves to be on "all-time great" lists. Besides the twist, The Sixth Sense is perhaps most notable for being the coming out party for Haley Joel Osment, who plays a child with the ability to see and speak to the newly perished. He, Toni Collette, and Bruce Willis are the best things about this film. The performances alone make it worth the price of admission, with Collette being the clear standout for me. And Willis perhaps hasn't given as good of a performance since. The problem for me is that knowing the twist going in really tramples any sort of enjoyment I had. The "thrills" weren't all that thrilling and the plot seemed to never truly pick up pace until it was too late. That falls on the shoulders of Shyamalan and his directing. I feel like people were so enthralled with the late-game revelation, that they forgot how plotting the first hour and a half feels. There's a lot here I liked, but it's nowhere near the high praise that people give it. +Performances carry the film +Emotional connection is felt towards the end -Plot drags -No re-watchability 6.4/10
    Thomas D Super Reviewer
  • May 29, 2016
    This is one of the movies that I truly consider a masterpiece. It was the first Hollywood movie for M. Night Shyamalan and this was something he made back when he had very good and interesting ideas. It has a very interesting story that is just executed so well with Shyamalan incredibly direction and the incredibly acting from his actors. Bruce Willis is giving the best performance of his entire career and it feels incredibly natural that he is a very serious person, but still knows how to come up with some jokes. Haley Joel Osment, however, is the true star of this movie. He is phenomenal and he delivers a truly award-worthy performance that people can enjoy from now to the end of the world. I loved this movie and I can't really find anything wrong with it.
    Lasse G Super Reviewer
  • Feb 05, 2016
    Shyamalan's debut film as well as his best (in my opinion). The Sixth Sense is a well crafted movie with excellent performances, chilling moments and a well written story. Check out The Sixth Sense if you are a fan of horror movies or a fan of movies in general.
    Mr N Super Reviewer
  • Oct 26, 2015
    Despite having probably the most widely known twist since Luke's father, The Sixth Sense is still a pretty thrilling ride, even though you probably knew well in advance which end was coming.
    Gimly M Super Reviewer

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