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While it's no slam dunk, Space Jam's silly, Looney Toons-laden slapstick and vivid animation will leave younger viewers satisfied -- though accompanying adults may be more annoyed than entertained.



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Basketball superstar Michael Jordan and cartoon favorite Bugs Bunny team up with other basketball greats and Looney Tunes characters in this combination animated/live-action feature. Jordan must help the Looney Tunes gang with a basketball game against a group of outer space creatures whose plan, if they win, is to kidnap the Looney Tunes and take them to a failing intergalactic amusement park as the latest attraction. Also starring Academy Award-nominee Bill Murray ("Lost in Translation," "Charlie's Angels") and Wayne Knight (TV's "Seinfeld," "Rat Race"). Gene Shalit says this movie is "for adults, kids, teenagers, women, men, boys, girls, old folks, young folks, Jordan fans, Bill Murray fans, Wayne Knight fans and every Looney Tunes lover who wants to revel in Bugs Bunny and his pals at their looney tuniest."

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  • Dec 19, 2015
    There's no point in saying this... but Lola Bunny looks too screwed up in 'The Looney Tunes Show' than on her first appearance here. Most of the people would agree with me on this one. The rest is just average looney-okayish.
    EpicLadySponge t Super Reviewer
  • Jul 03, 2014
    The Looney Tunes film Space Jam is little more than a Michael Jordan vanity project. And, the sad truth is that Jordan just isn't good enough as an actor to carry this film; especial when he's sharing the screen with the likes of Bill Murray (who steals every scene he's in). Even the Looney Tunes aren't bringing their A-game here. Still, it's fun to see Bugs, Daffy, Taz, and the rest, and some of the comedy works pretty well. But the film really limits itself by writing the whole story around Michael Jordan and his return to the NBA after a short lived baseball career. Space Jam is an entertaining piece of '90s pop culture, but it's doesn't hold up.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Mar 07, 2014
    Nostalgic? Sure. A staple of our generation? Sure. But a good film? Not exactly. It is horrifyingly dated, poorly written, badly paced, and at the end of the day rather pointless. One must admit however that it was an ingenious commercial ploy; Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes? Brilliant. But this doesn't make it a quality cinematic experience. The only takeaway from the film is that Billy Murray can make anything better and that "I Believe I Can Fly" by R. Kelly is still as beautiful and iconic as ever. It's unfortunate such a powerful song is associated with this failure of a children's film.
    Matthew Samuel M Super Reviewer
  • Sep 11, 2012
    Michael Jordan in the ultimate kids movie.....need I say more? Being a 7 year old kid when Space Jam came out. this movie was the coolest thing I had ever seen, and to this day I still feel the same way. Classic!
    Eric A Super Reviewer

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