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This direct-to-cable sequel in the Species film series follows the next legacy of the sexually frustrated alien species as the daughter of Eve (Natasha Henstridge) is born into an uncaring human world. Newcomer Sunny Mabrey plays Sara, the first genetically perfect specimen of her species, who is kidnapped upon birth by a professor who has his own selfish reasoning to keep her alive. Hounded by the army and other human-alien DNA hybrids bent on breeding, the hunt is on for the professor and Sara to create another perfect offspring any way they can. Premiering on the Sci-Fi channel in November of 2004, the erotic sci-fi thriller came to DVD a month later in a director's cut supervised by the director, Brad Turner, a TV veteran whose show credits include Andromeda, Stargate SG-1, and the '90s revamp of Outer Limits.

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  • Mar 10, 2017
    Don't expect things to make sense anywhere in this waste-of-time. Only watch if you waiting for the glue on your model airplane to dry.
    Kevin M. W Super Reviewer
  • Mar 22, 2013
    A cheap and poorly made horror film, Species III continues the saga of humanity's struggle to contain human/alien hybrids. Picking up where the last film left off, a research scientist raises Eve's alien offspring in an attempt to create an improved DNA strand, but when other half-breeds learn of his research they come after him. Unfortunately Sunny Mabrey is no Natasha Henstridge; she has no personality or charisma whatsoever. In fact, all of the acting is pretty atrocious (except for Robert Knepper). And, the special effects and makeup are just awful. Species III is complete and utter garbage that bears little resemblance to the original.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Feb 24, 2012
    Third film in this series is a sign that the franchise should have ended after the second flick. However that wasn't to be. Here we have a violent film with little emphasis on story, or effective sci fi horror elements that made the first film a good popcorn flick. This film has little interesting elements to make this film a good, entertaining flick. Species III is a flawed picture that uses the same old tired ideas that don't work. This third entry suffers and you can easily see why. Usually in a series, by the third entry, filmmakers are struggling with ideas to try and make their film interesting, exciting and fun. However, this film plays out like a tired out rehash of the first two films, with no new refreshing ideas. The film is pointless and is a film that lacks an effective story to really make it a watchable film. The film may deliver on gore content, but has really bad special effects at the same time, not to mention it lacks any depth and substance, which could have made the film much better. Unfortunately, The underdeveloped script makes this film unwatchable, and not a worthy entry in the series. The film will most likely disappoint die-hard fans of the original film, and you may ask yourself if it's actually worth your time. The answer is no, this film uses old ideas, that are tiresome to see this time around. Species III is a bad film, and really isn't worth your time.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Jan 11, 2011
    To quote a line of dialogue from this movie sums this one up - "we've already been down this road... twice". But, this sequel does have some pretty good gore effects, and an absolutely stunning raven-haired hotty who's introduction to the film comes far too late on. My personal fav of the Species movies.
    Lee ? Super Reviewer

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