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An ailing veteran cop whose relentless determination to do away with an untouchable gangster has led him to employ a series of unethical tactics finds his investigation complicated by the arrival of principled new inspector and the death of a fellow cop in this explosive underworld tale from Skyline Cruisers director Wilson Yip. Facing an inevitable retirement, the beleaguered and cancer-stricken Detective Chan (Simon Yam) has grown desperate to put away Teflon-coated crime boss Po (Sammo Hung) -- so desperate that he even begins planting false evidence and tampering with video in hopes of making a charge against Po stick. As Detective Chan begins to grow accustomed to thoughts of retiring and make way for honest incoming Inspector Ma (Donnie Yen), the ongoing investigation hits a snag when an undercover cop who has infiltrated Po's gang is mysteriously killed.


Kai Chi Liu
as Det. Lok Kwun Wah
Danny Summer
as Det. Kwok Tsz Sum
Ken Chang
as Det. Lee Wai Lok
Austin Wai
as Det. Cheung Chun Fei
Timmy Hung
as Drug Trafficker
Vincent Sze
as Chan Wai
Kenji Tanigaki
as Wong Po's Bodyguard
Chan Tat-chee
as Policeman
Jing-kei Liang
as Wong Po's Wife
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  • Dec 09, 2013
    Directors C Super Reviewer
  • Sep 14, 2012
    Saat Po Long is a Martial Film that I've heard great things and managed to live it reputation. Unlike The Rebel and Invisible Target, Saat Po Long delivers in both plot and action to make to one great Martial Art film. Saat Po Long follows a near retired inspector and his unit who are willing to put down a crime boss at all costs while dealing with a replacement inspector who is getting in their way. Meanwhile, the crime boss plots a killing spree on them. The plot is dark, gritty, and maintains your interest while no one is fighting on screen. It has enough twists to not only keep the viewer engage with what happening on screen, but also prevents practicability. Although Wilson Yip does have some hiccup when telling a story, often time there are long dialogue scenes and few to little action scenes to fully justify it. While most of the dialogue driven scenes are done well, they do drag out creating an uneven pacing for a film of this genre. One major problem with the movie are the characters, while the cast do a terrific job in their roles the characters aren't worth caring about much. Some of them simply don't have enough development while some don't get enough screen time for their death to have any meaning. When it comes to action on the other hand, Wilson Yip knows what he's doing making sure the audience could see what's going on screen. The cast, like I said earlier, are terrific but Sammo Hung steals the show as the movie villain. He truly makes one of most memorable villain in the Martial Art genre while still being able to perform his fight scenes convincingly despite his old age. Donnie Yen is not bad himself and delivers on his fight scene with Sammo Hung. Saat Po Long may not have memorable characters for the most part, but it does have a great plot and action to satisfy the viewers. Whether you like crime film or Martial Art film Saat Po Long is a movie that successfully combines the two for a great experience.
    Caesar M Super Reviewer
  • Apr 15, 2012
    Despite its electrifying and full-speed fight sequences, KILL ZONE [SPL] is unfortunately doomed by its cheesy melodramatic story that fails in both its coherency and logic. Director Wilson Yip puts together a great cast for this HK crime thriller, but manages to pull off a blunder in which characters are sloppily scattered with shallow backstories. Not only do we have a vague idea of what our leading man Detective Chan's (played by Simon Yam) true motivations are, but his fellow policemen are also given ridiculous sub-storylines (regarding Father's Day) to pathetically amp the dramatic tension that ends up futile. It is more or less a horrendous tactic for the extra-sentimental stringy score to come into play - an element that proves to be one of the film's consistent low points. Additionally, although the action scenes that surround Donnie Yen and Sammo Hung are terrific, the slow-motion crying and staring and overused camera push-ins become a bit excessive and even comedic. With that said, where the film is supposed to excel (the action), it really does. The action is top-notch, and the choreography is crisp and exciting. Donnie Yen lives up to his name in serving as the action director, and puts forth two major fight sequences that (depending on the type of audience) redeems the film. The alleyway fight with Jacky Wu is a tense and fast-paced back-and-forth duel between two highly skilled weapon-wielding fighters. It features exciting camerawork within a very confined and interesting space, along with a pumped-up score and some impressive sound effects editing. Likewise, the final duel with Sammo Hung is a pleasure for martial arts fans. The fight spans multiple styles and involves throws and tosses and lots of acrobatic punches and kicks between two Hong Kong screen legends. In a way, it rewards its viewers for making it through the 93-min running time, and truly plays as if it has saved the best for last. As a whole, KILL ZONE isn't quite there. But realistically, anyone who comes into this film already has a particular expectation that they hope to have fulfilled - an expectation that comes naturally given the Donnie Yen vs Sammo Hung billing. Yip provides exactly that, and so in this sense, the film succeeds.
    Sheldon C Super Reviewer
  • Jan 03, 2010
    I fail to see the point of this movie. It's really only an excuse to see Donnie Yen whip out a can of whup ass. Some great fights scenes in this movie but the plot is devoid of anything that will engage any brain activity.
    Jason T Super Reviewer

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