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April 27, 2017
this move is brillent because the scene where qui jon is trying to suduce watto is reminensent of the iraqi war because watto is a muslum and quigon is the usa and trying to influince watto through capitalisum lol its a joke
½ April 23, 2017
Fun film to watch with some decent world building and character introduction. Also I did NOT hate Jar Jar. It was mostly about Palpatine's rise to power so the complexity of the plot will be lost on someone who is just looking for a simple adventure story.
April 17, 2017
Boring, lifeless, poorly written and full of awful dialogue and cgi and uninteresting characters, The Phantom Menace is a mediocre movie.
April 15, 2017
The phantom menace is a film with things to like but simultaneously has so much to loathe. let's start with the positives, For one the locations is the phantom menace are vey beautiful to look at with such colour and vibrancy, the action sequences are bombastic but fun to watch with CGI that is mostly good, Liam Neeson while not given much depth as a character still remains has a likeable presence, the film also has great cinematography.
But of course the phantom menace is littered with flaws For one the characters are given very little development for me as an audience member to invest in or care about, the story is filled to the brim with boring politics that is often way to incoherent and over complex to keep my interest, the dialogue is mostly cheesy and cringe worthy, the acting from Ewan McGregor,Jake Lloyd, Natalie Portman, Keira Knightley and Samuel Jackson is just utterly lifeless and monotone and the film has an over reliance on CGI effects resulting in some scenes to feel inorganic and sanitised.
½ April 13, 2017
A Star Wars film with a lot of potential severely spoiled by goofy characters, sounds and special effects. However some of the Star Wars magic does shine through with Ray Park stealing the show with his wushu martial arts skill, portraying Darth Maul. A character who really seems to capture the atmosphere of the dark side as Darth Vader did in the original. The fight scenes with Darth Maul, Obi wan and Qiu Gon Jin are amazing and make the movie worth holding a spot in the Star Wars universe. I hope however in the future Disney manage to make a special edition of this and with all the green screen footage they took they could probably fix at least some of the goofyness like, Jar Jar, theâ< Pod Racing commentator ect. Well we can only hope...
April 9, 2017
Long and slow, The Phantom Menace's poorly written dialogue is mostly made up for by strong action and decent performances.
½ April 9, 2017
Not terrible but not great.
½ April 9, 2017
''Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace'' becomes too buried in stale politics, and the cast does little to support the story given their dry and placid performances. Though the pod race is exciting it is the only time in the film where Lucas attempts to entertain the audience. The run time is unbearably long given the overall pacing issues and lack of interesting plot, resulting in a less-than-stellar addition to the Star Wars canon.
½ April 6, 2017
although it has great visuals,podracing section and very few action sequences (like 2 or 3) but the boring plot and the bad acting by every cast especialy by the kid( he is the worst thing ever existed) make this movie a large disappointment
April 5, 2017
Complete crap other than the Darth Maul duel
April 5, 2017
Part 1 in my review of all "Live action" star wars movies in chronological order.

STAR WARS EPISODE I - The Phantom Menace

One of the most hyped films ever, one of the most beloved franchises ever... Also turned out to be one of the most hated films ever. And I can see why! Odd pacing, god awful dialogue, terrible characters, the original Yoda puppet, Horrific CGI and don't get me started on Jar Jar Binks. But for me, there is a distinctive charm to this film that keeps on drawing me in. I love the premise, the fact that planets such as coruscant and naboo all had democracies as did so many of the planets seen before major war broke out. The trade federation, although not the main villain, were pretty menacing and the reliance on the battle droids show how arrogant they are. That brings me to the action... Pure cinematic gold. Although the editing could have been done better even else seems incredible. Obi-wan and Qui-Jonn VS Darth maul, The Naboo starfighters against the trade federation ships which to me appear as an early form of TIE Fighter, The ground battle of Naboo with the droids starts off well but does drop, And the pod race sequence. Unlike most, I prefer young Anakin to Hayden Christensen. The john williams score is by far the best part of this film, The genius stunned us with the original trilogy score but totally blew our heads of this time around. All of these make the film what it is. From a filmmakers view this film is utter garbage but from a fans point of view, I can't stop myself from loving it :D

However it still gets a 3/5 stars from me
April 2, 2017
A very slow paced, nothing is truly happening movie, though It does have a few very well done sequences. At the end of the day, this is the least important film in the Star Wars series.
½ April 2, 2017
I love this movie' it deserves no hate. That also goes for all the prequels.
March 31, 2017
My personal all time favorite of all the saga. It is a shame that it has been Labeled to be the worst film ever and destroying people's childhood. With an open mind though, it is a dazzling film. All the political details in Episode I are nessesary to set up Palpatine's power grab. Anakin needs to be a young child because taking a 9 year old away from his mom is going to have a big effect. Exposition can be slow, but doesn't stop it from being FUN! Sure the CGI might be hard to look at by TODAY's standards, BUT that shouldn't stop people from enjoying what the movie has to offer. Jar Jar Binks is a funny character and can be distracting, but he still has a purpose in all of this. Star Wars is ment to be seen as a full saga of the Tragedy Of Carth Vader and his redemption. The Phantom Menace shows how Anakin's path to the dark side was almost inevitable from the start. From The Jedi Order narrow mindedness and fear of loss and his emotional connection to Padmé. Episode I has its place and offers new things we have never seen before in the Saga. The Podracer is exhilarating and the Senate scene is fun because you see how Palpatine is so mitiulate about how he will turn the Senate on Valorum's back. The Battle of Naboo on all 4 fronts is truly the best part of the film. A space battle just a cool as the ones in the originals and a big ground battle. Not to mention the epic Lightsaber duel and the Score. Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace doesn't deserve all the flack it gets and maybe you should go back and rewatch it with an open mind.
½ March 28, 2017
It's a terrible movie!
March 27, 2017
This picture has gradually grown on me over the years and I think it has earned its rightful place, not without the help of time, as a classic amongst the fantasty/sci-fi genre.
March 26, 2017
The new ideas and visuals are aesthetically pleasing for fans of the original trilogy and the John Williams score is terrific, but the script, actors, and director don't inject the fun of the original trilogy to balance it all out.
March 23, 2017
glad l was one watching star wars film and l only heard there fans might talking about were not compate prequel trilogy and the might have one the worst star wars movie, so all hand gesture all these have preview past which lm not haven't see it but l bought dvd disc replay there all old and new collecter have many nerd want check it out, and l only been there 3 location where there but trust me you see it. so then George lucas want audience to want it know it mail pack it which have another story back before star wars first one. George bail money 20 fox century kept idealization George try better truly where it how galaxy far far away. then he screw it.
March 23, 2017
It wasn't the best, but doesn't mean it wasn't good. Personally being a Star
Wars fan, I liked it! The good acting and story makes up for bad acting Jar Jar.
½ March 23, 2017
Everyone hated this Star Wars... I loved it! I love the dual in this particular Star Wars, two words... Darth Maul. Unlike the original trilogy, the Prequel Trilogy is a political triller. Very much my cup of tea. Yes, there could have been moments that could have been better directed, moving the story along much more quickly, but at the same time this film allows characters to be developed.
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