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March 18, 2018
Underrated movie and misunderstood. Great acting and witty dialogue, shame adults can't remember or even understand what it is like to be an angsty teenager.
March 16, 2018
Great film about accepting your current life, dreaming of a better future, and living in the moment. An exact example of the phrase @life's too short."
November 30, 2017
This is not the usual teen film. It is an example of perseverance and over coming obstacles. As a driven and big picture thinking individual, Carson is looking forward to creating his own future. The limited views of his mother, classmates and school administration frustrate his ability to spring free. His high school activities are aimed at getting into the top school for his chosen career and he is willing to use blackmail to succeed. But he also impacts the students he uses. I recommend seeing the student eulogies provided in the extra features on the DVD (these would be good to include in a director's, or extended version)
June 8, 2017
Damn... this movie was really, really good. Never heard of the young man Chris Colfer before now, but I'll be looking for him in future films... he was simply brilliant as hell in this film.
December 30, 2016
It's good movie to watch
July 20, 2016
After six long years of following Chris Colfer's role in Hollywood, from one of the few openly gay actors, who pretty much came out of nowhere, to one of the world's most influential people and a Golden Globe winner, I can definitely say that I waited a very long time for him to be someone other than the fabulous, lovable Kurt Hummel. His writing debut: shocker, but his very own movie? It was simply amazing. For his first film, I could tell that he was a bit lost when it came to some areas of production. The movie was short and it all took place in the tiny town of Clover, California, but that's how we were supposed to see it. It helped Carson's perspective, because we were trapped in that tiny town with him.
Let's also remember that we cannot be mad about the characters, because Colfer portrayed them the way they were in his own mind, as any writer would do. The movie seems simple, but when you're telling the story of your life, you don't want to add sex scenes and brutal violence, do you? There is obviously a certain audience that this movie was meant for, which is why it wasn't in theatres and why so many people are bummed out by Carson's snide personality. The "problem" that everyone has with thr film is the fact that it's real. Very breathtakingly real. There was no artificial happy ending, because Chris Colfer doesn't want to bubble wrap life. Carson dies, but he wants the world to know that he died chasing his dreams and living for himself, and that if you have no dreams, you have no purpose. Beautiful work. I can only hope that this isn't the end, because it was a really great start.
½ June 5, 2016
I enjoyed this film. It has a very appealing sort of universe where the people of this town fall somewhere between Glee Season 1 and Awkward IMO. The storyline is not all that original but is really quite well played out. What i really liked that though the story handles some dark topics they are told in a way that would make it seem like it is a children's story. I also related quite a bit to Carson though every other character (except maybe Rebel Wilson's) was a caricature which was probably the goal. Though I didn't have any problems with this film and I really liked where it ended up I wasn't completely blown away and the acting could have been a little greater, but a not bad at all.
3/3.5/5 rounding up to 3.5/5
½ May 20, 2016
Better than what I expected. Not a perfect film, but the message was there. A little cliché at parts but overall good. The script presented a lot of interesting and thoughtful ideas but didn't expand too much on them or went as complex as it should of. While the film did have some problems, I enjoyed a lot.
May 10, 2016
The only thing about this that I liked was that Chris Colfer was in it but thats pretty much it
March 23, 2016
This movie is amazing. Yes, it has problems, but it's not for critics, it's for people like me. People like is, who can real are to every ducking moment in this movie.
November 12, 2015
I think is one of the best movies i ever watched, i love it! The writter is a genius. Funny, sad, exciting, everything!
½ November 3, 2015
This film is really good. Funny, and original! I wonder why it hasn't gotten a good rating?
½ October 19, 2015
A guy in high school who wants to go to college and then black mails all his school peers to get what he wants and then dies... Is this movie meant to teach you that karma is a b**ch?
Pretty average movie with a bunch of cast from all different shows
½ October 16, 2015
It's a bit sloppy and unoriginal when put up against other coming of age comedies, but it has its moments
September 19, 2015
really sad at the end, but I like the book more
September 14, 2015
somewhat a cute but dark movie
½ July 10, 2015
Good inspirational message but not much of a comedy.
May 27, 2015
This little comedy isn't particularly funny or filled with novelty but it has its moments. Once Mister Colfer is off the screen and actually leave space for others to exist, the film manages to actually tackle a few good topics and nail some interesting scenes. The meeting between the mom and the dad's new girlfriend in the pharmacy is quite interesting and somehow touching. The rest felt like a huge lesson of moral from a teen wanting to change the world around him.... blah blah blah... follow your dreams and don't give up type of messages that only teens and genuinely ignorant spoiled kids are going to embrace while the rest of us have already understood that not everyone unfortunately is meant to be a singer or a writer bound to become famous. Colfer needs to book a four years around the world trip, backpack in some crazy ass places and maybe then he'll be mature enough and ready to write a film that actually means something to the rest of us. so far this slice of teenage rebellion filed with easy targets does not convince and runs on empty pretty quickly. So far i'm not convinced he can bring anything new to the table. the energy is there, the willingness too, but a huge lack of maturity and partiality definitely lower the whole thing down.
May 7, 2015
One of the best high school set movies I've seen. It's dark but deep.
March 15, 2015
Another random film watched, although I couldn't help but think this was more like a spin off documentary from Glee as opposed to a film in its own right, notably because the lead star is in that series, and nothing else as far as I'm aware. It's a bit weird and probably has some hidden meanings behind it about following your heart and staying true to yourself as you never know what's round the corner, but for me it was just a lighthearted bit of viewing that killed a bit of time. It basically follows the last moments of a boys time in high school before he has the mishap of being struck by lightning (hence the title). Despite having plenty of ambitions to be a writer and head for big things, he has to endure the struggles of his depressed alcoholic mother, his estranged father, and the fact that he is a geeky loner at school, with no real friends that aren't being blackmailed by him. It's vaguely amusing in parts, largely due to Rebel Wilsons dry tone, but other than that it's very much seen it, chalked that off the movies list, but unlikely to ever revisit it. To be fair, I wouldn't have even known it existed if it wasn't for channel hopping. The likelihood is Id probably fall asleep if watching it again as there's no wow factor to get my juices flowing, or anything unique to keep ones attention fixated. Simply a pleasant film that you'll soon be able to buy from second hand DVD stores for 25p.
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