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February 28, 2020
The film moves languorously, sometimes too slowly, and manages to draw you with its eclectic appeal.
May 8, 2019
I will give it credit for exceeding expectations -- a mildly entertaining diversion that I could see myself revisiting if nothing else was on at 3 a.m. Fans of action films should be satisfied.
March 2, 2019
Stylized multi-genre films look easy when they work, when the Coens or Stephen Chow or Quentin Tarantino's in the house, but we mustn't kid ourselves. Nothing dies more horribly onscreen than a failed effort of this kind.
September 9, 2017
Perhaps this was a video game or a straight action flick this would have been a better movie.
November 9, 2013
Weak acting, unfocused directing and an overall very phoney feeling make for a film that is seriously misguided.
September 22, 2012
"The Warrior's Way" is a horribly ill-conceived idea that tries to blend Eastern and Western cinema, but all it ends up doing is creating a disaster that's filled to the brim with enough clichés to make your head spin.
August 25, 2011
As a bit of cheesy Asian cinema, it works, but it didn't quite translate into a western without looking a bit like a Jonah Hex sequel.
April 4, 2011
It's stupid in a way you won't really hate, provided you're already in the mood for a terrible rehash of cliches from a hundred other martial arts movies and Westerns.
February 24, 2011
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February 10, 2011
There is a tragic craft to how one manages to make a film about 'the greatest swordsman who has ever lived' as boring as The Warrior's Way.
January 22, 2011
Simple video game-style action sequences with bad dialogue.
December 26, 2010
A visually rich but lumbering, narratively confused genre hybrid, The Warrior's Way feels like a wildly missed opportunity for East-meets-West action mayhem.
December 14, 2010
'The Warrior's Way' is one hot mess of a movie. It has the best cinematography of the year, hands down. It has ninjas, clowns and cowboys doing battle.
December 12, 2010
Starts strong, ends with a slick tableaux and in between disappoints with a steady acceleration that not even a quietly charismatic performance by star Dong-Gun Jang, nor the image of a clown with a gun during the film's climactic shoot-out, can surmount
December 9, 2010
Succeeds in cutting out a distinct visual flourish amid a bland cinematic landscape.
December 9, 2010
While the movie seems designed to be a breakout for Jang, it's Lee whose work actually makes an impression. You guess he'll be back - hopefully, playing it straight next time.
December 9, 2010
Though the film oozes visual appeal (many action sequences are rendered with comic-book vibrancy), it's short on insight and long on cliché.
December 7, 2010
The Warrior's Way is an odd duck of a movie - and that doesn't even include the wire-fu/Western combination.
December 7, 2010
A Samurai warrior in a gunfight? There's something wrong with this picture.
December 7, 2010
The film's details suggest potential for a lively, bizarre, action-comedy cult classic. It just never comes together the way it needs to.
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