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Critic Consensus: While it's certainly timely and beautifully filmed, The Bling Ring suffers from director Sofia Coppola's failure to delve beneath the surface of its shallow protagonists' real-life crimes.

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In THE BLING RING, Oscar Winning filmmaker Sofia Coppola takes us inside the world of these teens, where their youthful naivete and excitement is amplified by today's culture of celebrity and luxury brand obsession. The members of the Bling Ring introduce us to temptations that any teenager would find hard to resist. And what starts out as youthful fun spins out of control, revealing a sobering view of our modern culture. (c) A24more
Rating: R (for teen drug and alcohol use, and for language including some brief sexual references)
Genre: Drama
Directed By:
Written By: Sofia Coppola
In Theaters:
On DVD: Sep 17, 2013
Box Office: $5.8M
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Katie Chang
as Rebecca
Stacy Edwards
as Marc's Mom
Marc Coppola
as Mr. Hall - Marc's Da...
Janet Song
as Rebecca's Mom
Annie Fitzgerald
as Kate from Vanity Fai...
Lorenzo Hunt
as Police Officer #1 (N...
Timothy Starks
as Police Officer #1 (M...
Rich Ceraulo
as Police Officer #2 (N...
Joseph Nieves
as Police Officer (Rebe...
Nelson Rockford
as Las Vegas Plaincloth...
Erin Daniels
as Shannon
Pat Lentz
as Judge
Michelle Alegria
as Female TV Reporter #...
Stacey Turner
as Female TV Reporter #...
Brian Gattas
as Dogwalker
Logan Miller
as Kid at Party
Michael Yo
as Male E-Interviewer
Halston Sage
as School Girl
Marshall Bell
as L.A. Detective #1
Maika Monroe
as Beach Girl
Isabel Lasker
as Drunk Girl
Adea Lennox
as Party Girl
Keenan Henson
as Male TMZ Reporter
Peter Bigler
as Chloe's Dad
Chad Brannon
as Water Delivery Guy
Zoe Sidel
as School Girl's Friend
Cari Champion
as Female TV Reporter #...
Nina Siemaszko
as Las Vegas Detective ...
Bailey Coppola
as Wasted Boy
Linc Hand
as Police Officer Arres...
Brett Goodkin
as L.A. Detective #2
Paris Hilton
as Paris Hilton
Kevin Spencer
as Bedroom Police Offic...
Sean Phillips
as Bedroom Police Offic...
Bobby Ashhurst
as Police Officer #3
Karl Risinger
as Police Officer #2 (M...
Dale Champion
as School Teacher
Christopher Blauvelt
as Cinematographer
Joe Nieves
as Police Officer (Rebe...
Logan Miller
as Kid at Party
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Critic Reviews for The Bling Ring

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It's smart and droll.

Full Review… | January 3, 2014
Top Critic

The sense of detachment that is a signature of Sofia Coppola's work -- the coolly distant, stylishly dreamlike way she regards her characters -- works to her detriment in The Bling Ring.

Full Review… | August 8, 2013
Top Critic

The Bling Ring is a comedy, a gentle (if thin) satire of fame-obsessed youths, and a canny probe into the ecosystem of LA's celeb culture and the weird influence it exerts on the rest of the population.

Full Review… | May 10, 2016
Bangkok Post

At best, the picture can be written off as some kind of failed experiment, a competition to see which cast member is the most in tune with his or her inner dolt.

Full Review… | April 9, 2016

...Coppola definitely finds a captivating way of telling the tale. Her script and the performances give us something thought-provoking out of something superficial.

Full Review… | July 20, 2015
The Young Folks

Antonioni watches too much TMZ in Sofia Coppola's detached portrait of hollowed-out youth culture.

Full Review… | April 28, 2015
Philadelphia Weekly

Audience Reviews for The Bling Ring

Was this a very dramatic retelling of the Hollywood Hills burglaries by accomplished director Sofia Coppola? No. Was it a "Spring Breakers" wannabe that reveled in debasing its main characters? Oh yes. That's what puts me off of Coppola's latest venture, starring Emma Watson, Taissa Farmiga, and newcomer Israel Broussard. Coppola obviously detests her characters, and throughout their depiction obviously judges them for their decisions. She doesn't flesh them realistically, and instead gives us flat, uneven characters whose only ambition seems to be partying, drinking, and being juvenile delinquents. Because the characters are flat, the story barely goes anywhere. The entire film is them roving around in celebrities' houses, which isn't entertaining. Marc has some legitimate backstory, but otherwise we're left with bubble headed teenagers trying to be gangsta, and failing miserably. I'd rather re-watch "Kids" than sit through teenaged tripe like this again.

Spencer S.

Super Reviewer


Based on actual events, The Bling Ring follows a clique of celeb and fashion obsessed kds of privilege who indulge in their love of both by burglarizing the homes of various celebrities, all the while ,not exactly keeping a low profile.

Like a number of Sofia Coppola's films, while adults do have a presence, this is a film dominated by the young. The core group of vapid, naive, yet not totally unlikeable youths are played by Emma Watson, Taissa Farmiga, Katie Chang, Claire Pfister, and newcomer Israel Broussard, who, like the men from previous Coppola efforts, delivers a very strong turn in a film filled with rock solid work. That's something I've grown to love about Coppola, how, no matter if they're a newbie or a veteran, she always manages to get her actors to deliver arguably some of, if not their absolute best work.

This film is a pretty timely one. Not that the events that it depicts happened all that long ago, but in this status and celebrity obsessed culture we live in, relevance is everything, and it's crucial to be up on all that latest news and trends.

In this regard, the film is both a crime caper, as well as a cheeky, light satire. I mean, some of it is pointed, but it's done in a way that I think will cause some people to not totally get it.

The film easily fits into Coppola's oeuvre and aesthetics, but I think that maybe at times it could have been more blunt and forceful with the more biting elements and moments. Kudos though, for getting permission to film in the actual celebrities's homes and recreate the crimes. I especially enjoyed robbery scene done in a single take from a distance.

As mentioned, the cast are awesome. Broussard is great, Emma Watson is a real scene stealer, and her American accent is delightful. I'd also love to see more of Chang and Farmiga. And, while I'm growing a bit weary of her, I enjoyed Leslie Mann as the mother of some of these girls, and she nails the modern day new-age philosophy of parenting "these type" of girls to a T.

All in all this is a glossy and fun film that will satisfy, but doesn't leave a strong legacy like the kind the characters aspie to have, Regardless, I dug it and think you should check it out.

Chris Weber

Super Reviewer

There was no real depth to this film. Of course, we are dealing with superficial characters is obviously not promising but I guess I hoped it would be more substantial in terms of content. Watson's American accent is understandably uneven.

Wildaly M

Super Reviewer

The Bling Ring Quotes

Nicki: Green doesn't look good on you.
Sam: You won't fit in here.
Nicki: You know it doesn't look good on you.
– Submitted by Jamaicah Mae M (24 months ago)
Nicki: Your butt looks awesome.
– Submitted by Ankur B (2 years ago)
Nicki: You're stressing me out.
– Submitted by Harry J (2 years ago)
Nicki: Let's go to Paris'. I want to rob.
– Submitted by Moe J (2 years ago)

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