Aug 31, 2021
Achingly beautiful but still missing something.
May 15, 2020
...I was immersed in this story no matter who was telling the tale.
Aug 7, 2019
...Strong performances, however, sustain the drama. And the bold device of separate lives/separate movies, which creates a circular undertow of emotion, should stay in tact.
Aug 2, 2019
The writing and the acting, in combination, carry truth to a rarely represented experience in life into the darkness of a movie theater.
May 31, 2019
The film does not cut sufficiently deep despite a wonderful cast and realistically flawed characters; we are interested but not consumed.
Jan 11, 2019
We wind up more curious about Eleanor and Conor than moved by them, but they never insult our intelligence and we remain engaged throughout.
Sep 6, 2018
It goes on and on and nothing much happens but this going on and on. And you can easily imagine the amazement that filled my face when I learned that it could actually have gone on and on for much longer than I saw it going.
Aug 28, 2018
"Them" seems to fill in pieces that may have been better left unfilled, leaving no mystery in the film except in what the filmmaker decides to withhold from us.
Aug 24, 2018
When The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby is over, our only consolation is the realization that Ned Benson is merely 37 years old, so we can count on seeing more astonishing films from him.
Sep 1, 2017
The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby: Them is a lovely enough film even though it may not stick with you much long after the ending credits.
Jun 29, 2017
As a concept, these retellings of the same story from two perspectives is a brilliant idea, and it's executed thoughtfully.
Sep 22, 2016
It's a glum, wrenching experience to watch, but the emotional impact is just far too shallow to linger.
Jul 14, 2016
If you have three-plus hours to spare, you'll find good company. McAvoy and Chastain are great, plumbing the emotional depths of their characters' broken marriage.
Jun 18, 2016
It's a very good film, but throughout it, its phantom limbs tingle, hinting that it was something much more special before its Frankenstein job.
Apr 13, 2016
The movie is sad and, occasionally, devastating, but not without hope.
Jun 12, 2015
McAvoy and Chastain offer his-and-hers perspectives
Mar 24, 2015
A nostalgic, moving and tender story of love, change and loss, made beautiful by the mesmerising performance of Jessica Chastain.
Mar 18, 2015
Even the most adamant art-house snob will have trouble defending this one.
Mar 14, 2015
Something about this film wasn't very satisfying for me. It is largely due to the pacing, which to be blunt is glacial, verging on deathly.
Mar 13, 2015
There's a doleful beauty and elegance to the look of the film.