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½ May 8, 2018
and i think i am fine..

The Iron Lady

The format of the feature is dull, familiar and predictable with a weak structure that collapses before it even emerges in front of the audience and unfortunately that window is quite narrow. The little aspects of it are appreciative like costume design, make-up and fine editing. Abi Morgan's screenplay has an excellent build up from character's perspective which never makes it anywhere and instead floats somewhere between space. Phyllida Lloyd is the real gem whose brilliant execution helps the audience feel connected somewhat. Meryl Streep has been a tremendous actress in her career where she has redefined herself over and over again, but if there is any performance she should be remembered for, it's for her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher. The Iron Lady is a swing and a miss that that may be greater on technical aspects but definitely not on offering concrete material.
½ April 14, 2018
meryl streep is watchable as always, but the filmmakers surprisingly does not tell an ambitious, solid narrative. it is far from the ultimate margaret thatcher biopic. it should be called 'thatcher: the retirement years'.
½ March 25, 2018
A boring film, Meryl Streep si a great actress but the development of this movie is too slow.
March 12, 2018
meryl streep at her best
January 28, 2018
AWFUL - meryl - please retire for the sake of the general public
September 26, 2017
Totally a TV movie. Decent production but there seems to be holes in the film, hidden by the flashbacks cuts. Watching this film, politics seems to be run by bloated worms. She's not looking as tough as the men are sexist wimps. Not impressed. The bits of real footage were good though and a documentary would probably render her better justice.
June 23, 2017
Meryl Streep is absolutely incredible as Margaret Thatcher. One of the best performance i've ever seen. A well deserved Oscar ! Aside from the acting, this was an incredibly unsatisfying film.
February 21, 2017
Surprisingly empty movie about a person who had a very interesting life.
December 31, 2016
It's good movie to watch
Super Reviewer
November 23, 2016
This film is led by lots of strong women. I enjoyed the scenes with Alexandra Roach as young Margaret and Harry Lloyd as young Denis. Meryl Streep and Jim Broadbent are, of course, stunning as the mature couple. This isn't meant to be a history lesson. Instead I connected to the story because I have done some work with a non-profit serving people with forms of dementia and their families. Also my wife's grandma repeatedly said that she thought her husband was still present with her after he passed. The central thread of the story takes place near the end of Margaret Thatchers life with many flashbacks. Meryl Streep and the creative team have gotten a lot right in portraying what brain disease is like. Dementia does not discriminate between class or social/political power. This is a great snapshot of a contemporary political life.
November 11, 2016
October 8, 2016
It fails to be either a movie on dementia or on Margaret Thatcher. Thatcher's life is made into a number of set pieces without any show of her character or personality. You do not get to know the Iron Lady in any meaningful way, it's mostly just a bunch of exposition.
½ September 15, 2016
I watched this wanting to learn about Margaret Thatcher, but they seemed to make the movie more about her dementia and mental illness she suffered later out of office.
July 6, 2016
An overlooked film, with an incredible Meryl Streep performance of her career, this is total injustice.
July 5, 2016
There are two kinds of people you make bio pics about; inspirational people and controversial people. Margaret Thatcher is a controversial figure for many.

While the movie does boost some strong performances, the story just seems a bit flat. I don't know if it's because of poor screenwriting or if Margaret Thatcher just isn't that interesting of a person. Probably a bit of both.
½ June 4, 2016
One of the most remebrable and influencial womens in politice ever and with an absolutley extraordenary performance of mail actress

Problém is the style of storytelling is Just boring

But finnale is Just great

In short i rocomend but it is not great

Just upper avaradge
June 3, 2016
Meryl Streep displays her strength as an actress in this portrayal of Margaret Thatcher's life and decline in later life. Released before the 'Iron Lady' passed, the feature focuses primarily on Thatcher's internal struggles.

Though admittedly the plot does portray a 'right wing dream' to some extent, Meryl Streep plays the role phenomenally, and delivers a truly touching performance as she depicts Thatcher struggling to come to terms with her life whilst interacting with apparitions of her deceased husband Dennis. The film progresses extremely smoothly.

Understandably, this won't be everyone's proverbial cup of tea - especially those who already hold strong animosity towards Thatcher. But the quality of Streep's performance is alone enough reason to justify watching this feature. Critics have focussed too much on the political quarrels with this film, and generally have failed to bestow on Streep the praise she deserves.
March 1, 2016
The United Kingdom's first and only female prime minister; Margaret Thatcher shattered the barriers of gender and class in a male-dominated world during her 11 year term of office.

Painting a surprisingly intimate portrait of one of the 20th century's most famous, influential and complex women is Oscar winning dramatic heavyweight Meryl Streep . Depicting Britain's 'Iron Lady' in extraordinary detail from mannerisms to speech, this Streep's masterpiece of mimicry.

Humanised, sentimental and vulnerable, The Iron Lady is a compelling biopic built on not only the subject's actions as head of state, but as a woman trying to survive her married life lived in the public eye.

Through a procession of flashbacks and old newsreel footage , Abi Morgan's precisely constructed screenplay takes Thatcher from an unsure 20 year old post-war grocer's daughter entering politics all the way through to a lonely old lady plagued by the memories of her career and death of her late husband .

Neither idolised nor demonised, this film attempts to strike a balance for both admirers and critics of Thatcher; however I am sure the line will not be so divided for Streep. Could another Oscar nod be on the way?

Published: The Queanbeyan Age
Date of Publication: 19/12/2011
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