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Soon after a young woman is savagely raped by a gang of construction workers, a mysterious uniformed killer appears and begins to systematically murder the rapists with a nail gun. This revenge drama features enough graphic, bloody gore to appease hardened horror fans.


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  • Oct 02, 2015
    In the mid to late 80's, Slasher films were becoming stagnant and uninspired. So many retreads of Friday the 13th and Halloween had been clouding up theatres and Drive ins. With Nail gun Massacre we get a movie that is packed with bad acting and poorly constructed kill sequences. This is the type of movie that you watch with friends when you have a bad movie night. Now, if you love low budget B movies, then this is one worth checking out. Just don't expect a great film with this one, and it's fairly over the top, cheesy and ridiculous. This film boasts everything you'd expect from a low budget schlock fest and it is a tongue in cheek movie that you really shouldn't take seriously whatsoever. As it stands, this is a decent film, and is one to enjoy for it's purely "so bad, it's good angle. I enjoyed the low budget tongue in cheek aspect, and if you're in the mood for these types of movies, then give it a shot. Nail Gun Massacre is a movie for low budget film fans. If you're going into this one expecting a great Slasher movie, then you'll be greatly disappointed. The concept of the movie is interesting, but it could have been much better as well. This movie plays out like a schlock fest, and it is a movie that should only be enjoyed by Cult film fans. Since this was made in the middle of the 80's, it's no wonder why this one is derivative from other Slasher films. The tone of the movie is more comedic than terrifying and despite this; Nail Gun Massacre should be seen as a rental for a bad movie night that you have planned with friends. Thinking about what this film could have been is a bit sad, and despite its idea of a killer offing people off with a nail gun may seem like a great idea, the result we see on-screen is a movie that is a "so bad it's good title" that ends up being quite silly.
    Alex r Super Reviewer
  • Oct 02, 2015
    Somehow nail gun killing just isn't that big a deal. It's like, "oh no. I got shot with a nail." Then they had to keep shooting them like five or six times, they die, and they run off. It's that exciting.
    Curtis L Super Reviewer
  • Oct 02, 2015
    When a woman is assaulted by a group of men working a construction site it ends very badly for the man as one by one they start to be killed off by a masked killer with a nailgun but of course the killer just cant stop there as they begin to kill other people along the way. Not alot redeems this movie and is more funny then anything which explains the stars and also has a high body count which is always worth watching in these kinda movies
    ken j Super Reviewer

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