Mar 12, 2018
The Rock and Seann William Scott work up some nice comic chemistry, but it's the dependably warped Walken who steals the most scenes. The frenetically edited fight sequences will satisfy the blood lust of the target audience.
Dec 29, 2010
Mildly entertaining action movie with The Rock.
Apr 1, 2006
Dec 14, 2005
With charm, style and just a bit of winking intelligence, Johnson shows a magical ability to carry a picture from start to finish. If only the movie was worth the star's winning efforts.
May 4, 2005
Sounds worse the more you talk about it.
Mar 30, 2004
Oct 1, 2003
The screenplay ... is the sort of mishmash of action-hero and mismatched buddy-movie clichs that makes obsessive action-film geeks, such as myself and the friend I attended the screening with, gnaw our lips off in sheer desperation.
Sep 28, 2003
A tolerable alternative when everything else playing at the mall is sold out on Saturday night.
Sep 27, 2003
The Rundown, like many recent action movies, is aggressively adolescent.
Sep 26, 2003
The Rock ... has a special quality.
Sep 26, 2003
Will probably make a star of the Rock.
Sep 26, 2003
If Arnold Schwarzenegger had made a movie this tepid in his Commando/Terminator heyday, burned fans would be suggesting that he pursue some tenure as a Fresno alderman.
Sep 26, 2003
Too often brings guffaws at all the wrong moments, when it's not being simply too stupid for words.
Sep 26, 2003
While you won't exactly walk out humming the plot, The Rundown should go down quite decently with popcorn.
Sep 26, 2003
A witty, fast-paced action film.
Sep 26, 2003
The film vacillates between balmy stabs at humor and milking its sodden social conscience. Meanwhile the script devolves into people yelling 'Shut up!' at each other.
Sep 26, 2003
A fun ride.
Sep 26, 2003
Don't expect new horizons in the annals of odd-couple, comedy-action flicks.
Sep 26, 2003
A brisk, good- hearted but predictable and uninspired -- not to mention bone-crunchingly violent -- action comedy.
Sep 26, 2003
It's more fun than most of what passed for popcornsellers this past summer.