The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (Les Parapluies de Cherbourg) Reviews

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March 13, 2014
It continues to charm and delight for the same reasons it did back in 1964.
January 9, 2014
It is a small picture, a boutique musical. But it's lovely.
December 27, 2013
As spun-sugar holiday treats go, "Umbrellas" is hard to resist.
January 11, 2008
Seemingly banal and sentimental on the surface, [director Jacques] Demy has avoided these aspects by tasteful handling and the right balance in emotion, compassion and narrative.
February 9, 2006
Umbrellas makes escapist play with the stuff of kitchen-sink social realism.
January 15, 2005
Not only has he resurrected the quaint and artificial device of having the dialogue set to music and unrealistically sung, but he uses this operatic method to tell a story that is so banal... it wouldn't get beyond a reader in Hollywood.
June 4, 2019
Demy sends his two lovers soaring before bringing them back to earth, and the effect is at once wise, rapturous, and heartrending. It's pure perfection.
March 2, 2018
The candy colored sets suggests the great Hollywood musicals: bright, clean, a utopian world, but with a distinctly French flavor. Instead of elaborate numbers we get intimate staging where every movement becomes like a dance...
April 1, 2017
Demy's pragmatic, hopeful message is that our heartbreak and sadness are, like our joy, just things we take with us.
July 28, 2014
What's so overpoweringly beautiful about The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg is that it matches human-scaled feelings of regret with the color and intensity of the movies Demy loved as a boy.
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