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Mickey Prohaska (Greg Kinnear) is a small-time insurance agent looking for a way to jump-start his business, reunite with his estranged wife (Lea Thompson) and escape the frigid Wisconsin weather. This self-proclaimed master of spin believes that salesmanship is about selling a story - all he needs is a sucker willing to buy it. He hits pay dirt with a lonely retired farmer (Alan Arkin) who is sitting on something much bigger than an insurance commission. But Mickey's attempt to con the old man spins out of control when a nosy, unstable locksmith (Billy Crudup) with a volatile temper dramatically ups the stakes, trapping him in a madcap spiral of danger, deceit and double-crossing. -- (C) Official Site

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Greg Kinnear
as Mickey Prohaska
Alan Arkin
as Gorvy Hauer
Bob Balaban
as Leonard Dahl
Lea Thompson
as Jo Ann Prohaska
David Harbour
as Bob Egan
Michelle Arthur
as Karla Gruenke
John Paul Gamoke
as Man at Coffee Shop
Scott Crouch
as Casino Emcee
Peter Moore
as Phil Peters
Michelle Hutchison
as Judy Vandenhoevel
Jim Detmar
as Glen Vandenhoevel
Michael Paul Levin
as Chuck Stankel
Kathryn Lawrey
as Hotel Clerk
Joe Minjares
as Hotel Manager
Peter Thoemke
as Frank Richie
Alan Johnson
as Bill Morton
Tony Papenfuss
as Buckhorn Bartender
Sue Scott
as Bank Teller
Terry Hempleman
as Dick Zimmer
Chris Carlson
as Don Schmidt
John Elsen
as Patrol Cop
Gary Groomes
as Traveler
Isabell Monk
as Samaritan
Wayne Morton
as The Real Gorvy
Peggy O'Connell
as The Real Gorvy's Wife
Johnny Hagen
as Buckhorn Bar Patron
as Pete the Dog
as Pete the Dog
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  • Dec 21, 2014
    Cunning con that detrimentally does not end when it should, needlessly applying an ending twist of DNA-helixlike proportions that left a sour taste in my mouth. A screenwriter should ask him/herself that if a movie works without a plot twist, then do the alterations improve it? Here the answer is a resounding NO, in fact causing me to deduct a half-star due to the resultant sheer implausibility. With that rant over, the rest of the movie is absorbing and believable with some great performances from Alan Arkin as a slightly addled loner and especially Billy Crudup as an unhinged ex-con prone to violent mood swings.
    Doctor S Super Reviewer
  • Oct 21, 2013
    At a convention, Mickey Prohaska(Greg Kinnear), an insurance salesman, not only loses his shirt and money, but also his wallet which turns up quickly. All of which only adds to the problems he has been having lately, including with his wife(Lea Thompson). At least, he hires Bob(David Harbour) who seems promising enough and quickly shows that when he signs Gorvy(Alan Arkin) to a policy which might have to be increased when Leonard Dahl(Bob Balban) stops by to value a very valuable violin in Gorvy's possession. "Thin Ice" is a prime example of filmmakers not being as smart as they think are, nor having any true idea as to the tone they are going after. Therefore, you are left with a very good cast in search of any kind of direction. In any case, Greg Kinnear seems like too nice a guy to play such a heel and even Billy Crudup cannot pick up the slack. In the end, you know are in big trouble if Alan Arkin can make no difference at all.
    Walter M Super Reviewer
  • Sep 12, 2012
    Mildly entertaining. Decent twist at the end...
    Cynthia S Super Reviewer
  • Sep 02, 2012
    Thin Ice boasts an impressive cast, with the always funny and charismatic Greg Kinnear, teamed well with Alan Arkin, and has a unique set up with some generally funny moments. The story-line and script, however, are largely incoherent, with an especially frustrating ending that undermines the entire structure, and seems more tacked-on rather than built-up to. This will undoubtedly spoil the film for those who are looking for anything beyond very mild enjoyment. Despite the narrative flaws, Thin Ice does seem to have a keen sense of its characters, and did a particularly good job with Kinnear's character arc. Despite the on-screen stupidity, we care about his journey. Far from perfect, but a solid enough first two-thirds to make it worth a watch. 3/5 Stars
    Jeffrey M Super Reviewer

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