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Cary Grant made his last film appearance before retiring from the screen in this agreeable piece of fluff based on the 1943 comedy The More the Merrier, which dealt with the romantic complications inherent in the housing shortage in Washington D.C. during World War II. In Walk, Don't Run, the story is updated to a housing shortage in Tokyo during the Olympic Games of 1964. British industrialist Sir William Rutland (Cary Grant) arrives in Tokyo two days before the start of the games and cannot find any suitable accommodations. As a result, he answers an ad for an "apartment to share" and convinces the occupant, Christine Easton (Samantha Eggar), to rent a room to him. The next day he meets the handsome Steve Davis (Jim Hutton), a member of the United States Olympic walking team. Steve also needs a room and convinces Christine to take him on as a second tenant. After meeting Christine's pompous fiancé, Julius D. Haversack (John Standing), Rutland begins to ply his matchmaking skills in an effort to get Christine and Steve to fall in love with each other.


Cary Grant
as Sir William Rutland
Samantha Eggar
as Christine Easton
Jim Hutton
as Steve Davis
Miiko Taka
as Aiko Kurawa
John Standing
as Julius P. Haversack
Ted Hartley
as Yuri Andreyovitch
A. Ben Astar
as Dimitri
George Takei
as Police Captain
Teru Shimada
as Mr. Kurawa
Lois Kiuchi
as Mrs. Kurawa
Bob Okazaki
as Plant Manager
James Yagi
as Rutland's Driver
Dale Ishimoto
as Plain Clothesman
Frank Kumagai
as Plain Clothesman
William Saito
as Japanese Athlete
C.K. Yang
as Chinese Athlete
Sonya Harrison
as American Athlete
Kenneth Parker
as American Athlete
Gail Peters
as American Athlete
Mel Profit
as American Athlete
Burt Santos
as Mexican Athlete
Isabel Boniface
as Mexican Athlete
Holger Abro
as Swedish Athlete
Alex Rodine
as Swedish Athlete
David Draper
as Swedish Athlete
Sonja Haney
as Swedish Athlete
Peggy Rea
as Russian Shot Putter
Ilona Wilson
as German Athlete
Andre Hemmers
as German Athlete
Wendee Tochihara
as Japanese Twin
Jodee Tochihara
as Japanese Twin
Jane Tochihara
as Japanese Mother
as Bath Attendant
Mori Moto
as Bath Attendant
Anna Shin
as Bath Attendant
Irene Mizushima
as Bath Attendant
Yoko Tani
as Bath Attendant
Susan Ikeda
as Japanese Waitress
June Kawai
as Japanese Waitress
Miko Mayama
as Japanese Waitress
Randy Okazaki
as Cab Driver
George Matsui
as Desk Clerk
Roy Taguchi
as Desk Clerk
Kay Shimatsu
as Assistant Manager
Robert Kino
as Assistant Manager
Vickey Cason
as Contortionist
Alan Chee
as Ad Lib
Lei Kim
as Ad Lib
Roy Ogata
as Ad Lib
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Audience Reviews for Walk, Don't Run

  • Sep 05, 2010
    Grant's last movie! It's a remake of an older movie, which I liked better, actually, but this movie has a good cast and it's funny, so I liked it anyway.
    Aj V Super Reviewer
  • Aug 07, 2010
    It was just too much. Cary Grant does a nice job as usual but the characters are all blah and Samantha Eggar is just annoying. It was a lot of strung together silly moments without any real story.
    Sunil J Super Reviewer
  • May 18, 2010
    Holy Cary Grant in his boxers! Loved that. Freaking priceless and it may have been his last film, but damn, he went out in style. Grant is easily and obviously the best part of this film and he is pure brilliance. Can't say quite as much for the story, but it was still a cute little romantic comedy and I'll give plot and setting a + for originality.
    Jennifer D Super Reviewer
  • Apr 23, 2008
    Grant's last film ... and therein the reason to go there. And he's competent enough, given a few scenes wherein the old magic can shine, and by george, he's still got it. But the overall work, eh, not so much, a light and obvious love match-up interestingly set against the 1964 Toyko Olympic Games, with Grant as the matchmaker.
    Kevin M. W Super Reviewer

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