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This historically-based satirical film follows the 1855 invasion of Nicaragua by American William Walker (Ed Harris). Walker led a group of revolutionaries to take over the country and proceeded to appoint himself president on behalf of the government of the United States.


Ed Harris
as William Walker
Richard Masur
as Ephraim Squier
Rene Auberjonois
as Maj. Siegfried Hennington
Keith Szarabajka
as Timothy Crocker
Sy Richardson
as Capt. Hornsby
Xander Berkeley
as Bryon Cole
John Diehl
as Stebbins
Peter Boyle
as Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt
Marlee Matlin
as Ellen Martin
Alfonso Arau
as Raousset
Gerrit Graham
as Norvell Walker
William O'Leary
as James Walker
Alan Bolt
as Don Domingo
Miguel Sandoval
as Parker French
René Assa
as Dr. Jones
Bennet Guillory
as Achilles Kewen
Bruce Wright
as Anderson
Charley Braun
as Bruno Van Namzer
Linda Callahan
as Mrs. Bingham
Ren Woods
as Alta Kewen
Frederick Neumann
as Wiley marshall
David Hayman
as Father Rossiter
Sharon Barr
as Darlene
Kathy Burke
as Annie Mae
Fox Harris
as District Attorney
Eddie Pansullo
as Maj. Angus
Jack Slater
as Sanders
Spider Stacey
as Davenport
Del Zamora
as Padre Vigil
Ed Pansullo
as Maj. Angus
George Belanger
as Assistant Deputy
Dick Rude
as Washburn
Spider Stacy
as Davenport
Bob Tzudiker
as Garrison
Rick Barker
as Breckenridge
Robert Dickman
as Company Man
Joe Celeste
as Jury Foreman
Martin Aylett
as Reporter
Ramon Alvarez
as Reporter
Tom Collins
as Reporter
Dexter Taylor
as Liverpool
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  • Sep 04, 2011
    I had only seen one of Alex Cox's films prior to this (Sid and Nancy) so was unsure what to expect from this 'historical drama'. Glad I gave it a chance as it was an extremely unique, clever and funny film watching experience. I think what he was trying to do here was invert the cliches of historical drama's, add in a healthy dose of irony, sarcasm and allegory, and make a firm statement about the US foreign policy in Nicaragua in particular, but the message could be applied to many other places as well. Centers around William Walker (played by Ed Fuckin Harris), who is hired by a powerful and wealthy man to overthrow the Nicaraguan government and create stability in the region for the sake of his trade interests. Walker goes on to become drunk with power and eventually betrays everyone who helps him along his way. While this is based on a true story if your a stickler for historical accuracies and such this film is definently not for you. Characters are seen reading newsweeks smoking filtered Marlboros and theres even a helicopter at the end. People who may criticize this movie for those reasons are retarded. While it is historical this film is clearly concerned with current issues. Also features a pretty good soundtrack from Joe Strummer of the Clash. All in all a very unqiue film that is unlike anything else I've ever seen. Recommended.
    Ed Fucking H Super Reviewer
  • Jul 23, 2010
    Its unjustly hated in many circles. I love that the film throws out anything that resembles historical accuracy whenever it needs to in order to make a point. Its the1850s but I guess people read Newsweek and flew helicopters. The obviousness of the political message is even more entertaining, but I think that people fail to realize that the point that Cox was trying to make was how even though the methods of war and technology have changed, we still justify it with the same old ideas.
    Alec B Super Reviewer
  • Feb 24, 2009
    [font=Century Gothic]"Walker" starts in 1853 as William Walker(Ed Harris) barely survives his botched attempt at liberating a corrupt section of Mexico. Since that went so well, he is approached by Cornelius Vanderbilt(Peter Boyle) to head an expedition to Nicaragua to stabilize the country so he can profit off the overland route and a future canal. Walker is at first reluctant but joins up when his fiancee Ellen(Marlee Matlin) dies of cholera.[/font] [font=Century Gothic][/font] [font=Century Gothic]"Walker" is a wildly entertaining and exuberant movie incredibly based on a true story about a delusional man.(Anytime you start to believe your own press, you have problems, especially if you own a newspaper for that express purpose.) Directed by Alex Cox in a style that could best be termed as Peckinpah on mescaline, the movie utilizes more than its fair share of anachronisms to highlight the timelessness of the plot. Cox's intent was to indirectly comment on the covert war against the Sandinistas in the 1980's but since economic imperialism is eternal, then why could we not apply this movie's lessons to Iraq instead? [/font]
    Walter M Super Reviewer
  • Nov 19, 2008
    I really don't get the appeal. I like Alex Cox, but this is just...bad.
    Ken S Super Reviewer

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