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May 24, 2018
I will never understand why this movie got bad reviews from the people that make a living from giving reviews.
I enjoyed it, everytime I watched it.

I like the actors, I like the concept, I like the ending.
½ April 30, 2018
A 90s action movie with plenty of booms and heroic stunts set in a future where sea levels rose (unbelievably?) high. The storyline could be considered pretty standard (guy saves special girl mixed with a quest for "land").
The understated underwater sequence is still a confronting possibility of what humanity might be presented with in the centuries to come, so even 20 years later it still has a message to tell, even if it doesn't tell it as convincingly.
½ April 27, 2018
A great adventure film for teens
½ April 12, 2018
the marvelous sets are the main reason to see it, and it's just as much an ethereal experience as a simple post-apocalyptic film.
michael e.
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½ March 29, 2018
To me this is a underrated film. Sure it had a lot of hate with the critics and people at the time, and it was the biggest budget film made at the time, and it didnt come close to making its money back, which is a shame, because I honestly thought it was a entertaining film. The acting was decent, though it was over the top a few times, it still did its job at telling a entertaining and interesting story. Sure it has a few plot holes and some pretty stupid characters, but that doesn't mean its a horrible film. Also the musical score for the film was fantastic, especially the beginning song which sounded like an african kind of song. Its also interesting in the film how in the film you see how everything works in this world, like how a boat works, or how a plane works, which I honestly thought was pretty cool to watch and see how this world worked.
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March 4, 2018
Don't get me wrong, this is not a good movie but it isn't a complete disaster. The scope of the production is impressive and there are solid action sequences. If they'd spent more time on the screenplay and had a better lead actor this might have worked.
½ January 31, 2018
Honestly, it's really not THAT bad
January 18, 2018
This movie got a bad rap for dumb reasons when it came out. It was ok.
January 18, 2018
Saw it in the theater & loved it. Watched it again today for Costner's birthday. Still love it. Imaginative & fun.
January 7, 2018
Gosto desse filme e não entendo a nota tão baixa.
December 19, 2017
A very simple story stretched too thin with bad acting from everyone. Looks and sounds great though.
½ November 11, 2017
Definitely imaginative, the story just doesn't hold out that well overall. Kevin Costner does a particularly bad job at acting here too.
August 26, 2017
It's fascinating to me how these guys could be so dirty yet surrounded by tons of water. It was also disturbing how women were treated as merely sex objects to satisfy the "needs" of disgusting men.
July 31, 2017
My Favorite Science Fiction Film Of All Time Is 1968's 2001: A Space Odyssey.
July 31, 2017
Quite the ambitious misfire!
½ July 29, 2017
I enjoyed this one despite the poor rating. Good cast and interesting story
July 24, 2017
I have a weird affinity for worlds that are covered in water. This story was basically one of the first stories I came up with as a kid; people evolving gills, and webbed feet; swimming through algae covered underwater skyscrapers. Magical.
May 16, 2017
Sure, there's some huge plot holes and they don't seem to adhere to their own mythology throughout, but this is hardly the travesty most make it out to be. It's kind of silly, but it has a solid premise and some cool action setpieces.
May 1, 2017
Disappointed this movie has such low reviews I made a goddamn Rotten Tomatoes account to boost it's Stars. F****** classic you don't like Kevin Costner f*** you. People who don't like this movie don't have souls if you haven't seen this movie yet so I can watch it.
April 30, 2017
Its a cheesy film without a doubt. This movie really captured my imagination as a kid
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