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March 31, 2020
Whether you are a parent or not, the film will move you to consider nature versus nurture...
February 13, 2020
A truly unsettling film, Lynne Ramsay returns to the big screen in spectacular fashion with WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN; her directorial vision of this reverse-Oedipal nightmare is a fantastic film...
January 16, 2020
Within the genre of maternal horror, We Need to Talk About Kevin is a doozy. It speaks to the worst human fear imaginable: that evil lurks, not in the outside world, but right at home.
November 26, 2019
Would I watch We Need To Talk About Kevin again? Yes. Just to see Ezra Miller's performance and to try and figure out the psychological underpinnings that allowed this film to ever be made.
October 31, 2019
Ramsay's directorial focus on aesthetics somewhat lessens the import of the subject matter.
August 6, 2019
It's nearly impossible to take your eyes off of Swinton in any film, and she's on fire here. But she's lost in a film that never quite figures out what it wants to be.
July 29, 2019
...when an actor create such a vivid and complex portrait of a maternal hell, it's a crying shame to see it upstaged by the director's over-weening sense of style.
April 13, 2019
I may not have completely liked "We Need to Talk About Kevin," but because of Swinton I certainly won't forget it.
January 4, 2019
We Need to Talk About Kevin feels like a daring art installation, filled with the obvious color red as a metaphor. But it should have been more than a metaphor - it should have been about life and the awful ways it can end.
August 31, 2018
It may be one of those pesky films that is awful to watch but is worth watching all the same. Oh, dear.
August 30, 2018
It poses difficult questions, and perhaps has too easy answers. But it's a grueling and fascinating interview process.
August 10, 2018
This nature-vs.-nuture argument is what gives the story its power; and Ms. Swinton does an excellent job portraying a woman ambivalent to the bone about her little boy.
January 9, 2018
Lynne Ramsay's third feature is a mishmash of soiled diapers, leaden musical cues and underlined soul-sickness.
November 6, 2017
Swinton hoists the film from a possibly melodramatic mire to a crushing discussion on the impact of nature vs. nurture.
October 4, 2017
A surprisingly pedestrian film from the usually engaging and inventive Lynne Ramsay, We Need to Talk About Kevin feels more like an early film by an American indie filmmaker looking for his/her big break.
September 18, 2017
[Ezra] Miller's Kevin should now be considered the gold standard for sociopathic children.
August 30, 2017
Complex, disturbing, even frightening.
January 25, 2017
An acute and profound dissection of the genesis of a small, seemingly harmless being with an alarming potential for evil. I recommend you prepare before you see it. [Full review in Spanish]
May 3, 2015
We're not supposed to talk about a lot of the ugly feelings Kevin stirs up, but maybe we need to.
June 19, 2013
It becomes a film about her [Swinton] scattered mind. That produces wonders from Swinton, but it ignores the plea in the title. What about Kevin? Kevin deserves so much more attention-indeed, he deserves being played by Tilda Swinton.
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