Oct 7, 2018
The White Countess goes on so long I felt the urge to consult my calendar.
Mar 13, 2018
Ishiguro is a wonderful novelist, but perhaps not a natural-born screenwriter. The White Countess feels schematic and dramatically inert. Ivory, for all the acting talent at his disposal, finds plenty of style in prewar Shanghai, but its pulse eludes him.
Feb 28, 2008
While a beautiful and moving film, The White Countess, sadly falls short of being a great one because it never allows us into the hearts of its primary protagonists.
Mar 1, 2007
[Ivory] takes a tired, cliché-ridden, nostalgic screenplay by Kazuo Ishiguro and layers on the ennui.
May 31, 2006
Esteticamente impecável (como todas as produções Merchant Ivory), o filme falha do ponto de vista narrativo, revelando-se, como seus personagens, excessivamente frio e emocionalmente distante.
Apr 22, 2006
James Ivory has cast Britain's acting aristocracy to play post-Revolution Russian aristocracy, which brings much gravitas and many subtle performance highs to this drawn out story set in 1936/7 Shanghai.
Apr 19, 2006
It has an emotional payoff. It isn't much, but by Merchant-Ivory standards it is an orgasm of raw emotion.
Apr 1, 2006
Feb 24, 2006
Though [Merchant-Ivory] hadn't made a first-rate film since The Remains of the Day in 1993, there was always a chance they'd hit one last pitch out of the park. The White Countess, their final pairing, is just a bloop single.
Feb 23, 2006
One of the great partnerships in movies ends not with a bang or even a whimper, but with a stifled yawn.
Feb 22, 2006
A middling example of the sort of tony projects upon which [Merchant and Ivory] built their reputations.
Feb 22, 2006
A beautiful movie with an intriguing central theme and cast that is far easier to admire than to actually like.
Feb 17, 2006
A little judicious editing might have made it more effective.
Feb 17, 2006
James Ivory would have done well to take his from "Casablanca" since that similarly themed film achieves everything that this film aspires to but ultimately fails at.
Feb 17, 2006
A little too emotionally repressed to suit its melodrama -- imagine Casablanca with Paul Henried miscast in the Bogart role.
Feb 17, 2006
The White Countess is the last Merchant-Ivory and embodies most of the virtues of the brand ...
Feb 17, 2006
A worthy final collaboration from James Ivory and his late partner, Ismail Merchant.
Feb 11, 2006
By sheer willpower (and some of the best art direction of this year or any other), this is a fitting, poetic epitaph to the life and career of Ismail Merchant.
Feb 10, 2006
Merchant Ivory places its final, famous imprimatur on a worthy film.
Feb 10, 2006
It's a pretty journey, even if it is far too talky and emotionally distant to really work.