Winter Soldier Reviews

December 15, 2005
The film is an important historical document, an eerily prescient antiwar plea and a dazzling example of moviemaking at its most iconographically potent. But at its best, it is the eloquent, unforgettable tale of profound moral reckoning.
November 11, 2005
The most chilling aspect of "Winter Soldier" is that, 34 years down the road, it feels fresh.
October 14, 2005
Very much a product of its time: It's not an investigative piece; it's a combination of documentary footage, protest, despair and anger.
October 14, 2005
Rich with moments of excruciating eloquence.
September 24, 2005
I couldn't call this film a masterpiece, only indispensable.
August 27, 2005
Something very important is missing from the movie and, by extension it seems, from what might be called the American character.
August 24, 2005
An unprettied, unfiltered, un-Michael Moored yowl of pain and warning from ex-GIs that sears in an entirely new way when watched now, during an entirely new war that results in the same old death.