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September 7, 2011
July 24, 2011
intelligent character study of a mythologized athlete
February 3, 2009
A brilliantly performed, gut-wrenchingly sad flick
August 5, 2008
Whether he would have won at the next Olympics, we'll never know. What we do know is that Towne, a man of ruefully romantic temperament, has found a soulmate in Steve Prefontaine.
August 5, 2008
With a very good part for a change, Sutherland invests the imposing Bowerman with a host of subtly expressed attitudes toward his most illustrious charge.
August 5, 2008
Except for a few lapses, co-scriptwriters Kenny Moore and Towne allow Pre's aura to remain undisturbed by overdramatization and psychological speculation.
August 5, 2008
Prefontaine's infectious enthusiasm is ably conveyed, although the film might have been a stronger and less earnest effort if producer Tom Cruise had played a more active part.
October 14, 2007
A couple of sterling lead performances by Billy Crudup and Donald Sutherland.
Top Critic
January 26, 2006
he understated cinematography by Conrad Hall and sterling work from Crudup and Sutherland lend a patina of class, yet it's in the end a po-faced film.
July 22, 2005
July 21, 2005
Without Limits wins as a sports film precisely because it's not really about sports or a great victory.
July 26, 2004
Bland biopic about runners
June 10, 2004
November 7, 2002
Both Crudup and Sutherland deliver superb performances in the support of a thoughtful, committed, and richly visualized film.
July 12, 2002
Without Limits is an admirable departure from the norm, but its greatest strength doubles as an undermining weakness.
March 3, 2002
Offers plenty of interesting insights into the beauty, the poetry, the drama, and the science of athletic competition.
May 11, 2001
As Pre, Billy Crudup is dynamite -- a magnetic star presence who's unafraid to show how Pre's drive also makes him a bit of a prick.
February 14, 2001
Towne's most important contribution, aside from his gift for structure and willingness to direct this story in a classic, straight-ahead manner, is the power of his words.
January 1, 2000
Towne just doesn't capture his subject.
Top Critic
January 1, 2000
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