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Three months have passed since a viral outbreak wiped out 99.9% of the world's population, turning its victims into flesh-eating living dead. In the UK, a surviving band of soldiers and civilians have taken refuge at a rural military barracks. Life is tough, but hope appears when a high level communication is received from a military base on the coast, telling of sanctuary elsewhere in Europe. -- (C) Dimension Extreme
Action & Adventure , Art House & International , Horror
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Philip Brodie
as Maddox
Rob Oldfield
as Jonesy
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Critic Reviews for World of the Dead: The Zombie Diaries 2

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It is hard to escape the impression that, much like its relentlessly shuffling denizens, World Of The Dead is itself just going through the motions with a dead-eyed perfunctoriness.

Full Review… | August 3, 2011
Eye for Film

Has a nicely botched, home-movie feel, although its express amateurishness will drive you nuts.

Full Review… | June 23, 2011
Financial Times

The world's most tedious zombie movie...

Full Review… | June 23, 2011
Daily Mail (UK)

Once, just once, wouldn't it be great to see a zombie film that doesn't have the undead shuffling around threatening the end of the world. Maybe a film where they sit around drinking tea and figuring out ways of getting along with the living.

Full Review… | June 23, 2011
Daily Mirror (UK)

The can-do spirit results in one or two scenes where it all comes together, and make this perhaps a notch or two up from actually reading a diary written by a zombie.

Full Review… | June 23, 2011

Zombies can't keep diaries, but if they did they'd be pretty repetitive, something Kevin Gates and Michael Bartlett's ambitious sequel to their 2006 DV horror could also be accused of.

Full Review… | June 8, 2011
Total Film

Audience Reviews for World of the Dead: The Zombie Diaries 2

I'm not even sure why I try. I wouldn't have gotten this trash if it wasn't for my friend at the video store giving it to me for free because the original Zombie Diaries was a huge pile of shit. At least this one is a sliver of a better movie (it's hard to say that). This one deals with the military and very few civilian survivors left as the world has been overtaken by zombies. More zombies in this round but the acting could've been done better by my little neighborhood kids playing in the backyard. Overall, this is a second helping of shit pile from the first film.

Darrin Craig
Darrin Craig

One line summary: Normals versus zombies and bandits; the viewers lose. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Set in the UK after some contrived zombie apocalypse. Reporter Leeann follows some British soldiers as they try to survive in the hostile and ever changing situation. They hope to go to Hope's Point on the coast and then to Netherlands. Supposedly there are enough normal humans there to have a viable stronghold. What could possibly go wrong? Besides the zombies, the failure of peacekeeping immediately launches a growth industry in banditry. Since zombies have nothing to offer, the bandits are only after normals less well-armed than themselves. The boat to Rotterdam is leaving at a fixed time on a fixed date. They lose their truck on the first night, so it's forced march through hostile territory. Fire fights, zombie fights, attempted rapes, and slow progress follow. The team is down to four fairly soon. They lose a member, then regain one they thought was lost. Still, things are not going well, and their march to the coast does not look possible. The 'final solution' is revealed. Will the rescue come before the military burns down the UK? ------Scores------- Cinematography: 0/10 The observed aspect ratio of 1.33, big disappointment. IMDB lists this film as having an aspect of 2.35, but there is no way that this is true. The picture looks like VHS from the 1980s done on bad equipment. Most of the movie is in 'found film' mode, which is a huge minus. Sound: 3/10 Bad even for Blair Witch style poorness. The gunfire sounds are ridiculous. Acting: 4/10 Better than expected. Screenplay: 3/10 There is a narrative, which tells a story of sorts, with plenty of flashbacks. What are the flashbacks for? Watch the whole thing to find out, but it's not worth knowing. The flashbacks just make the film worse. The main story could have been done in much less time. As it is, the film alternates between stretches of complete boredom and short bursts of running or fighting with extremely bad camera work.

Ed Collins
Ed Collins

The Zombie Diaries 2 (Michael Bartlett and Kevin Gates, 2011) Despite everything I know about sequels often being worse than the originals (and sometimes sequels not having a damn thing to do with the originals in the first place-the Zombie "series" of Italian films, for example, don't have a blessed thing to do with one another, starting with a studio christening Lucio Fulci's classic Zombi 2 as a sequel to Romero's Dawn of the Dead, which is just ridiculous), even the idea that The Zombie Diaries 2 implies that The Zombie Diaries exists makes me want to try and avoid ever seeing mention of it. Yet another shakycam attempt at a zombie movie that is utterly devoid of thrills or chills. We get three somewhat related episodes that focus on the survivors of a military base that's overrun in the first episode (this particular piece of stupidity has been savaged, quite rightly, by any number of users on the IMDB for the mechanism that allows this to happen). The second has our pals-photographer Jones (The Devil's Hand's Rob Oldfield), Maddox (Dawn of the Dragonslayer's Philip Brodie), Kayne (World War Z's Vicky Araico), Jez (Toby Bowman, whose career to date has been the Zombie Diaries franchise, and looking him up at IMDB unfortunately clued me in to the first movie's existence), and Leeann (Elemental Storage's Alix Wilton Regan)-facing off against a band of marauders who are only slightly less stupid than the biker gang in Dawn of the Dead, while the third has them trying to stay alive whilst waiting for boats they found out were on their way to England from an intercepted radio transmission. Nothing new, from the camera angles to the "twist" ending you likely saw coming a mile away. Some decent acting from a few of the principals is about the only thing the movie has going for it. That may be enough for you; it wasn't for me. * 1/2

Robert Beveridge
Robert Beveridge

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