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February 17, 2020
Time has not been very friendly to this teen thriller that in my household used to be "fantastic". [Full review in Spanish].
January 4, 2018
... it's a perfectly agreeable family entertainment, a craftsmanlike fantasia on Conan Doyle.
March 23, 2010
This is the origin story for the world's first consulting detective that Conan Doyle was never considerate enough to write for us...
June 30, 2005
The idea to center on Holmes and Watson as young men is good and original but the execution is rather poor and Levinson's direction is impersonal.
November 4, 2004
August 21, 2004
Squanders its start as a charming character study.
July 20, 2004
Like a peacock showing its bright colours. Sadly, it's all about show, not substance.
July 6, 2004
Reveals that Holmes' true love is tortured to death in a big-budget extravaganza that provided the bastard sire for Jar Jar Binks.
May 23, 2004
Big, silly, loud, nicely designed, and occasionally enjoyable.
February 22, 2004
By the time Young Sherlock Holmes clangs to a close, the assets of the film are buried beneath an avalanche of unnecessary bells and whistles.
February 8, 2004
December 5, 2003
There is something about Holmes's elegant, haunting, and whisperingly melancholic distance, his analytical remove from the world, that inspires a desire for glimpses of the baroque corridors of labyrinthine interiors.
November 23, 2003
definitely worth a better reception than it's received over the years.
August 22, 2003
July 25, 2003
June 25, 2003
June 20, 2003
Not so successful try to install some youth in the Holmes canon.
March 11, 2003
October 3, 2002
August 9, 2002
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