24: Day 2 (2002 - 2003)


Day 2

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24's sophomore outing is not as elegantly structured as its predecessor, but the series firmly puts to rest any fears that its propulsive thrills were a one-time novelty.



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Air date: Oct 29, 2002
Air date: Nov 5, 2002
Air date: Nov 12, 2002
Air date: Nov 19, 2002
Air date: Nov 26, 2002
Air date: Dec 3, 2002
Air date: Dec 10, 2002
Air date: Dec 17, 2002
Air date: Jan 7, 2003
Air date: Jan 14, 2003
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Eighteen months after Day 1's foiled assassination plot, Day 2 finds Counter Terrorist Unit agent Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) officially stepping into the role of America's protector as he attempts to stop terrorists from setting off a bomb in Los Angeles. During his hunt for the nuclear device, Jack becomes romantically involved with Kate Warner (Sarah Wynter), who suspects her sister's fiancé is working with Middle Eastern terrorists. Behind-the-scenes political intrigue centers on David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert), now president of the United States after surviving Day 1's assassination attempts. While Palmer supports Jack and CTU's efforts to track down the nuclear device, Vice President Jim Prescott (Alan Dale) and Palmer's own Cabinet question the president's decision-making ability and seek to undermine his authority at every turn. Meanwhile, Jack's daughter, Kim (Elisha Cuthbert), who was rescued from kidnappers in the first season, turns the tables during Day 2. This time, it's Kim who does the kidnapping---or, as she sees it, rescuing---of a child she's been babysitting in order to protect the girl from an abusive father. Later in the day, guest star Kevin Dillon appears as survivalist Lonnie McRae, who takes Kim hostage after convincing her that the nuclear bomb has already been detonated in L.A. Familiar faces returning to action include CTU agents Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard) and Michelle Dessler (Reiko Aylesworth), whose relationship begins to develop romantically under the day's stress; CTU director George Mason (Xander Berkeley), who is exposed to radiation during a fierce gun battle; and First Lady Sherry Palmer (Penny Johnson Jerald), who reveals a dark side in her manipulations of the president for political gain.


Kiefer Sutherland
as Jack Bauer
Elisha Cuthbert
as Kimberly Bauer
Dennis Haysbert
as David Palmer
Carlos Bernard
as Tony Almeida
Reiko Aylesworth
as Michelle Dessler
Sarah Wynter
as Kate Warner
Xander Berkeley
as George Mason
Jude Ciccolella
as Mike Novick
Laura Harris
as Marie Warner
Michelle Forbes
as Lynne Kresge
John Terry
as Bob Warner
Billy Burke
as Gary Matheson
Harris Yulin
as Roger Stanton
Skye McCole Bartusiak
as Megan Matheson
Lourdes Benedicto
as Carrie Turner
Sara Gilbert
as Paula Schaeffer
Tamlyn Tomita
as Jenny Dodge
Sarah Clarke
as Nina Myers
Paul Schulze
as Ryan Chappelle
Daniel Dae Kim
as Agent Tom Baker
Timothy Carhart
as Eric Rayburn
Alan Dale
as Vice President Jim Prescott
Tobin Bell
as Peter Kingsley
Tracy Middendorf
as Carla Matheson
Glenn Morshower
as Agent Aaron Pierce
Kevin Dillon
as Lonnie McRae
Gregg Henry
as Jonathan Wallace
John Eddins
as Agent Richards
Max Martini
as Agent Steve Goodrich
Michael McGrady
as CHP Officer Brown
Dylan Haggerty
as N.E.S.T. Tech No. 1
Steven Culp
as Agent Ted Simmons
Michael Cudlitz
as Agent Rick Phillips
Tony Wayne
as Agent Powers
Rick D. Wasserman
as Alex Hewitt
Jim Abele
as Ralph Burton
Carmen Argenziano
as General Gratz
Peter Gregory
as Dr. Spire
Aki Avni
as Mohsen
Gary DeWitt Marshall
as N.E.S.T. Tech No. 2
Fred Toma
as Basheer
Scott Paulin
as Brian Jacobs
Randle Mell
as Brad Hammond
Bernard White
as Imam Al Fulani
Anthony Azizi
as Mamud Rashed Faheen
Dean Norris
as General Bowden
Al Sapienza
as Paul Koplin
Val Lauren
as Agent Randy Murdoch
Richard Holden
as General Stone
Sterling Macer Jr.
as Deputy Raynes
Sal Landi
as Sgt. Arroyo
Louis Ferreira
as Danny Dessler
Alicia Bien
as Reporter
Michael Holden
as Ron Wieland
Scott Allan Campbell
as Hazmat Doctor
Carmen Mormino
as Randall Sikes
Arell Blanton
as General Smith
Freda Foh Shen
as ER Doctor
Mike Saad
as Prime Minister
Victor Rivers
as Sergeant Amis
Stan Rush
as Agent Sloan
Paco Farias
as Sheriff Drake
Miguel Marcott
as Prime Minister of Turkey
John Rubinstein
as Secretary of State
Austin Tichenor
as Secretary of Treasury
Antonio David Lyons
as Cam Stracher
Edward Edwards
as Colonel Lamb
Christopher Maher
as Deputy Prime Minister Barghouti
Zina Zaflow
as Melinda Kale
Steven Arthur
as Military Officer
Miguel Pérez
as Mike Kramer
Neal Matarazzo
as Agent Graves
Alexander Zale
as Ambassador Shareef
Christopher Murray
as FBI Agent Dockerty
Shontina Vernon
as Agent Liz Zoltan
Billy Mayo
as Agent Rosser
Michael James Reed
as Lumber Mill Foreman
Pamela Stollings
as Reporter No. 2
as Jason Park
Jon Gries
as Joe Wald
Tery Bozeman
as Richard Armus
Maurice G. Smith
as CTU Security Guard
Nicholas Guilak
as Farhad Salim
Cliff Weissman
as Rescue Worker
R.A. Buck
as Colonel Ted Graham
Jon Curry
as Young Father
Demitri Fields
as Officer Ken
John Sterling Carter
as Field Reporter
Shirin Sharif
as Female Worker
Shaun Duke
as Mr. Naiyeer
Carl Ciarfalio
as Marshall Goren
Mike Sabatino
as Redneck Driver
Jacque Parson
as Female CTU Worker
Yareli Arizmendi
as Mrs. Naiyeer
Michael Nagy
as Secret Service Agent
Marty Ryan
as Security Guard
Manu Interaymi
as Street Kid
Bryan Rasmussen
as Agent Miller
Max Delgado
as Hazmat Paramedic
Richard Gross
as Fire Marshall
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Critic Reviews for 24 Day 2

All Critics (17) | Top Critics (7)

Bottom Line: Time well spent.

Nov 19, 2018 | Full Review…

After a stellar opening act, Season 2 had a lot to live up to and did just that by amping everything up a notch.

Nov 15, 2018 | Full Review…

Day 2 found a nice balance between some of the more intimate stories involving Jack and his "recovery" from the events of Day 1 and the bigger, full-stop terrorist attack stuff that would come to define the show, basically from that point forward.

Nov 15, 2018 | Full Review…

The plot is expansive yet tighter, the stakes are higher yet still personal, and the mid season plot shift actually improved matters rather than rehashed them.

Nov 15, 2018 | Full Review…

This, my friends, is the real deal - a show that promises the goods and delivers them.

Nov 19, 2018 | Full Review…

Serialized stories can be problematic; witness those relatively soft ratings that dogged the original "24." If this season's first two episodes are an indication, though, watch every hour and you'll be rewarded.

Nov 19, 2018 | Full Review…

The second season moves at a much brisker pace, is definitely topical, contains some excellent performances, and never lets you down in the thrills department.

Oct 31, 2018 | Rating: 8/10 | Full Review…

Darkly entertaining and as absorbing as ever, this season of 24 reflects a new wartime mentality, one that suits a war lurking in the shadows.

Oct 31, 2018 | Full Review…

Viewers' stomachs will likely have done a full gymnastics routine, even as they wonder whether the suspense isn't being obtained a touch more cheaply this time out.

Oct 31, 2018 | Full Review…

For its calibrated thrill-ride tensions, I will buy into its plot contrivances.

Aug 16, 2017 | Full Review…

Audience Reviews for 24: Day 2

  • Apr 27, 2014
    Jack is back for another powerful and thrilling season of 24. Escalating the danger and intensity, in Season 2 Jack Bauer has to stop a Middle Eastern terrorist group from detonating a nuclear device in L.A.; meanwhile President David Palmer discovers that there are elements in his administration that are assisting the terrorists in order to set the country on a war path. The writing is especially good (with the exception of the Kim storylines), and do an extraordinary job at building suspense and tension. Additionally, the episodes seamlessly flow together, creating an incredibly cohesive story arc. The cast this season is also quite impressive, and includes Michelle Forbes, Laura Harris, and Daniel Dae Kim. Daring and edgy, Season 2 of 24 is a non-stop thrill ride.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Mar 31, 2019
    "24 Day 2" further establishes it's place in television history.
  • Feb 27, 2017
    Usually, I judge the success of any televised drama by its ability to reinvent itself from season to season. Too much of the same will lead to stagnation, while too much change will actually alienate loyal viewers. 24, however, is a completely new breed of show and thus does not adhere to the typical critiques of TV drama. Essentially, the second season of 24 follows the same parameters as the first. Over the course of a single day, CTU (Counter-Terrorism Unit) agent Jack Bauer must get himself (and the nation) out of a crisis...this time when a nuclear bomb is set to detonate in Los Angeles and could prompt World War 3 if the plot succeeds. Of course, besides Bauer, a host of other characters (Kim Bauer, Tony Almeida, George Mason, etc.) round out the cast. The twists and turns are just as mind-blowing as the first go-round, yet it never seems to get old due to the great acting and straight-forward plot devices (every episode ends with a new huge twist). The biggest reason the Season Two succeeds, though, is that much more time is devoted to the character of Jack Bauer, who really is the fulcrum of the show. The episodes in which the raging, frenetic Jack takes center stage will have you on the edge of your seat and literally cheering out loud! Whereas in the first half of the first season Bauer was little more than a concerned parent, this entire season sees him wriggling his way out of tight spot after tight spot...MacGyver has nothing on Jack Bauer. I never thought I would find an actor who brings more intensity to his role than Matthew Fox gives to Jack Shepard on LOST, but Kiefer Sutherland's Jack Bauer eclipses him. So, if you were intrigued (or completely thrilled!) by the first season of 24, this second season will not let you down. Between the plot twists, the intensity of Bauer, and the surprising return or demise of a few old "friends", this season again will have you watching episode after episode deep into the night.
  • May 25, 2016
    The first 14 of the first half (15 episodes) suck. They made the threat of a nuclear bomb boring. It's slow, dull, and very boring. All boring storylines, with Kim's being pointless too. Season 1 had me so locked in, I was barely ever bored, and pretty much all the cliffhangers made me say or yell something out loud, and then immediately wanna watch the next episode. This didn't do that for me, because all but two of the cliffhangers at the end of the episodes weren't good, and didn't make me wanna watch the next episode. But starting at episode 15 (the last episode of the first half) it picked up, and lasted all the way through the second half of the season. It was almost as good as the first season.
  • Oct 04, 2015
    Really good season. For the best show on e arth.
  • Jun 14, 2015
    super, thrilling, unique plots !
  • May 12, 2014
    In season two (or day two) of Fox's groundbreaking series 24, Jack rejoins CTU after quitting when his wife was murdered and David Palmer is now the President of the United States. Terrorists plot to set off a nuclear bomb in Los Angeles in order to start a World War. Once that threat has been diverted, Jack struggles to obtain proof that certain Arab nations weren't actually responsible for the nuke, but instead that corporations within the United States conspired to start a war. Day two features the same family dynamic with Kim as the first one did and adds Kate Warner as a love interest for Jack. Upping the ante drama wise, day two of 24 is ridiculously more dramatic than the first, but manages to remain well written and paced... And though it may not be realistic anymore, it still manages to seem that way and feel that way enough that it's easy to accept it all as possible. Day two isn't as good as day one, but it's still an incredible season of television. It ends incredibly (like all 24 seasons) by revealing the next impending threat to the nation.
  • Apr 12, 2014
    Season Two of 24 is even better than the first. It is more suspenseful, more intense, and has better performances from its cast members, especially Sutherland, Cuthbert, Haysbert, and Berkley. The season establishes a more gritty and darker Jack and format to the show, the writing getting better, the twists good.
  • Mar 15, 2014
    This season raises the stakes a huge deal with a much bigger threat and many more lives in danger and in typical 24 fashion it features a great deal of fantastic plot twists and edge of your seat suspense however some of the plot from behind the scenes villains are a bit poorly explained but it leaves it open for future seasons

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