Day 3: 4:00 PM-5:00 PM


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Michelle (Reiko Aylesworth) gets word that Tony (Carlos Bernard) has been shot and critically wounded while trying to apprehend Kyle (Riley Smith). As Tony goes into surgery, she reluctantly decides to stay at CTU and run the critical anti-terrorism operation. Realizing he's being pursued, Kyle gets in touch with his girlfriend, Linda (Agnes Bruckner), and convinces her to come and pick him up at the mall. Then he tells her that he could maybe be infected with some kind of deadly virus. Terrified, she tells him to take her car and go, but before she can get away, a group of men grab the young couple and take them to an airtight chamber, where they'll presumably be kept until the virus is contagious. David (Dennis Haysbert) is ready to pay off Anne's (Wendy Crewson) ex, but Anne appeals to his conscience, and convinces him to call it off, much to Wayne's (D.B. Woodside) chagrin. Jack (Kiefer Sutherland) can't convince David to release Ramon (Joaquim de Almeida), so he proposes another plan: he'll go "rogue," break Ramon out of prison, and deliver him to Hector (Vincent Laresca). This way, the biological terrorism threat will be thwarted, without the president appearing to have given in to the Salazars' demands. Jack proceeds to the prison, but is furious when Kim (Elisha Cuthbert) tells him that Chase (James Badge Dale) has disobeyed his orders and gone to the prison himself to interrogate Ramon.


Kiefer Sutherland
as Jack Bauer
Elisha Cuthbert
as Kimberly Bauer
Dennis Haysbert
as David Palmer
Carlos Bernard
as Tony Almeida
Reiko Aylesworth
as Michelle Dessler
James Badge Dale
as Chase Edmunds
Andrea Thompson
as Dr. Nicole Duncan
Riley Smith
as Kyle Singer
Jesse Borrego
as Gael Ortega
Zachary Quinto
as Adam Kaufman
Mary Lynn Rajskub
as Chloe O'Brian
D.B. Woodside
as Wayne Palmer
Wendy Crewson
as Dr. Anne Packard
Kevin Chapman
as Warden Mitchell
Joaquim de Almeida
as Ramon Salazar
Vincent Laresca
as Hector Salazar
Andy Umberger
as Dr. Linzer
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