Episode Nine


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A turn in public opinion after Aliyah's march ends in violence helps her to persuade a judge to move up Carter's preliminary examination date. Meanwhile, Russ works on Matt and Gwen's house and rues his decision to abandon his family years ago; Alonzo tries to find legal representation for Tony; and Aubry mulls making an official statement that could alter the course of Carter's case.


Felicity Huffman
as Barb Hanlon
Timothy Hutton
as Russ Skokie
W. Earl Brown
as Tom Carlin
Richard Cabral
as Hector Tontz
Caitlin Gerard
as Aubry Taylor
Benito Martinez
as Alonzo Gutiérrez
Elvis Nolasco
as Carter Nix
Johnny Ortiz
as Tony Gutiérrez
Regina King
as Aliyah Shadeed
Lili Taylor
as Nancy Straumberg
Pablo Bracho
as Raul Seravia
Kedrick Brown
as Brad Joseph
Barbara Chisholm
as Judge Days
Cedric Duplechain
as Timothy Little
Bob Hess
as Detective Quinn
Shelton Jolivette
as Minister Yousef
Joe Nemmers
as Rick Soderbergh
Kattia Ortiz
as Sibila Nuñez
Nicholas Saentz
as Devon Hall
Tony Sears
as Warren Copeland
Tony Sears
as Warren Copeland
Marshall R. Teague
as Ben Callahan
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