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      Angels in America: Season 1 Reviews

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      A fine work and a most theatrical adaptation. [Full review in Spanish]

      Full Review | Original Score: 4.5/5 | Jan 23, 2023

      It's able to give an even greater power to the text’s fantastical elements, bringing them to life in even more electrifying ways than they could have ever done on stage.

      Full Review | Oct 31, 2022

      Framed inside a smaller box, Angels is contained and drained; it bogs down, betrays its seams and patches; its lofty scaffolding creaks.

      Full Review | Feb 21, 2020

      Angels in America is millennial, prophetic, funny and moving. Above all, it is vital viewing.

      Full Review | Feb 21, 2020

      "Angels in America" is one of the most dazzling movies ever made for television or any other means of projecting a film, but it dazzles the mind as well as the eye.

      Full Review | Feb 21, 2020

      The performances are uniformly, unabashedly, be-still-my-heart superb.

      Full Review | Feb 21, 2020

      Every performance draws you in and holds you in its grip, and Nichols directs with such inventiveness that Angels in America doesn't seem like a televised play at all but its own full-blown original movie.

      Full Review | Feb 21, 2020

      Blessed with a virtuoso cast, each of whom creates characters that live and haunt and mesmerize long after the final credits pass.

      Full Review | Dec 7, 2018

      Al Pacino and Meryl Streep lead an outstanding cast in Tony Kushner's epic play about Aids directed for television by Mike Nichols.

      Full Review | Aug 14, 2018

      Meryl Streep gave the performance of the year in any medium with her flawless disappearing act into (among others) a tenacious Mormon matron, a wily (male) rabbi, and the wry and vengeful specter of Ethel Rosenberg.

      Full Review | Jul 2, 2018

      Nichols effects a heady mix of theatre spectacle and cinematic style in some thrilling, extraordinarily beautiful sequences, resulting in a poetic, compassionate, ultimately hopeful work about the human condition at the turn of the millennium.

      Full Review | Original Score: 4/5 | Jun 8, 2018

      I find the series far too pretentious and posturing; it forces itself on the viewer, and doesn't cease until the final credits role.

      Full Review | Sep 2, 2014

      The performances retain the heightened brio of grand theatrical acting, something this text absolutely requires, while still maintaining a solid lifeline to naturalism.

      Full Review | Sep 2, 2014

      Mike Nichols's six-hour adaptation, for HBO, of Tony Kushner's epic two-part play about AIDS in the 1980's was exhilarating - artsy television that didn't make viewers antsy.

      Full Review | Sep 2, 2014

      There is much, much more to Angels than politics, which is why it is so gripping.

      Full Review | Sep 2, 2014

      Angels in America is not just one of the best television movies ever made - it's also a transcendent work of art. Watching Angels is an ecstatic experience, one that uplifts both your spirits and a medium that so often prefers to be degraded.

      Full Review | Sep 2, 2014

      Only TV - or, specifically, HBO - could give this magnificent, reckless, enormously entertaining masterwork of rage and hope, of politics and poetry, the unrestrained and generous canvas it deserves.

      Full Review | Aug 29, 2014

      This version of Angels doesn't fly as high as the opening credits promise (and there are some laughable special effects that help keep it from doing so), but Kushner's brilliance isn't easily denied.

      Full Review | Aug 27, 2014

      It's the ways in which Nichols and Kushner have opened up and pared down the scripts that make the definitive stage drama of the last decade a masterful, must-see film event for the new millennium.

      Full Review | Original Score: 4/4 | Aug 26, 2014

      By far the most resonant aspect of Angels in America today is its exposure of simplistic struggles over definitions of "good" and "evil."

      Full Review | Aug 26, 2014

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