The Sport of Penguins


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Part 1. Lola Lasagne (Ethel Merman) joins the Penguin in a grab for the winner's purse in the Bruce Wayne Foundation Handicap. Gluten: Horace McMahon. Batman: Adam West. Robin: Burt Ward.


Adam West
as Bruce Wayne/Batman
Burt Ward
as Dick Grayson/Robin
Yvonne Craig
as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl
Alan Napier
as Alfred Pennyworth
Neil Hamilton
as Police Commissioner Gordon
Burgess Meredith
as The Penguin
Stafford Repp
as Chief O'Hara
Ethel Merman
as Lola Lasagne
Horace McMahon
as Glu Gluten
Herbert Anderson
as Racing Secretary
Allen Emerson
as Photographer
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