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As the newly resurrected Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) horrifically digs herself out of her grave, her friends scatter, unaware that their necromancy actually worked before it was interrupted by a demon biker gang. Meanwhile, those same demons continue to pillage Sunnydale, overjoyed that the only Slayer now standing in their way is the ineffectual Buffy-bot. Spike (James Marsters) valiantly protects Dawn (Michelle Trachtenberg) from the carnage, while Xander (Nicholas Brendon) and the others do what they can to battle the leather-clad fiends. Meanwhile, a near-catatonic Buffy wanders the town and witnesses her robot double being dismantled by the bikers. Ultimately, she must face off with the demons in an alley while her nearby friends slowly realize she's the real Slayer and not the 'bot. Elsewhere, Dawn learns of her sister's return from the mutilated robot and rushes off to find Buffy, who, still speechless, has fled from the Scoobies. The Summers sisters find one another atop the rickety tower from which Buffy fell to her supernatural death some months earlier. Dawn can't seem to believe it when Buffy asks her if this is Hell and seems on the verge of taking a second plunge. Hysterical, the girl tells Buffy she can't live without her. The pair barely make it to the ground before the tower collapses, but Buffy doesn't look nearly as happy about her return from the dead as Dawn does. Originally broadcast October 2, 2001, on the UPN network as part of a two-hour block with the previous installment, "Bargaining, Part 2" marked episode 102 of the cult-favorite series.


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