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A horror-film icon is murdered on the set of her latest picture and found with an ax in her back, but the investigation reveals it isn't the murder weapon. It's also learned the victim dumped her former boyfriend after he was severely burned and that he was stalking her. Back at the lab, Sara tells Greg that she's weary of seeing death on a daily basis.


William L. Petersen
as Gil Grissom
Marg Helgenberger
as Catherine Willows
Gary Dourdan
as Warrick Brown
George Eads
as Nick Stokes
Paul Guilfoyle (II)
as Capt. Jim Brass
Jorja Fox
as Sara Sidle
Eric Szmanda
as Greg Sanders
Robert David Hall
as Dr. Albert Robbins
Liz Vassey
as Wendy Simms
David Berman
as David Phillips
Archie Kao
as Archie Johnson
Jessica Lucas
as Ronnie Lake
Jon Wellner
as Henry Andrews
John Asher
as Zack Putrid
John Ventimiglia
as Stanley Vespucci
Martin Klebba
as Dickie Jones
Matt Gerald
as Vincent Lafoon
Will Sasso
as Mason Lafoon
Irwin Keyes
as Russ Beauxdreaux
Cassandra Jean
as Pola Chesterwood
Carla Orlandi
as Weatherly Adams
Ted Michaels
as SFX Guy
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