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A popular young singer (Lucy Hale) dies after she is engulfed in flames during a surprise concert for fans in Miami. The evidence suggests she was murdered and reveals she died before being set on fire. Meanwhile, Jesse makes a stunning revelation to Calleigh that explains the reason why he is back in Miami.


David Caruso
as Horatio Caine
Emily Procter
as Calleigh Duquesne
Eddie Cibrian
as Jesse Cardoza
Jonathan Togo
as Ryan Wolfe
Rex Linn
as Det. Frank Tripp
Eva La Rue
as Natalia Boa Vista
Omar Benson Miller
as Walter Simmons
Lucy Hale
as Phoebe Nichols/Vanessa Patton
Jackie Debatin
as Melanie Nichols
Christopher Redman
as Michael Travers
Wes Ramsey
as Dave Benton
David Lee Smith
as Rick Stetler
Brennan Elliott
as Julian Diehl
Erik Scott Smith
as Robbie Ferguson
Alan Ruck
as Dr. Allan Beckham
Paul Tei
as Jed Gibson
Jill E. Alexander
as Lydia Cassel
Christine Adams
as Nancy Thurman
Gabriella Roberts
as Young Phoenicks
Juan M. Fernandez
as Male News Reporter
Judy Echavez
as Female News Reporter
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