Miami, We Have a Problem


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A man's body falls from the sky and the investigation reveals he was in outer space less than 24 hours earlier. The probe quickly turns into a murder case when it's learned the victim was a civilian passenger aboard a private space shuttle.


David Caruso
as Horatio Caine
Emily Procter
as Calleigh Duquesne
Eddie Cibrian
as Jesse Cardoza
Jonathan Togo
as Ryan Wolfe
Rex Linn
as Det. Frank Tripp
Eva La Rue
as Natalia Boa Vista
Omar Benson Miller
as Walter Simmons
Christopher Redman
as Michael Travers
Flex Alexander
as Beau Lendell
Ted King
as Sam Gardner
Clare Carey
as Janet Gardner
Thad Luckinbill
as Dominic Cross
David Chisum
as Keith Palmer
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