Identity Crisis


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Jo's adopted daughter, Ellie, witnesses an elderly man's murder on a subway platform. The investigation reveals the victim was apparently shot but not with a gun and no bullet is found. As for Ellie, Jo learns she was trying to contact her birth mother when the homicide occurred.


Gary Sinise
as Det. Mac Taylor
Sela Ward
as Jo Danville
Carmine Giovinazzo
as Danny Messer
Hill Harper
as Dr. Sheldon Hawkes
Anna Belknap
as Lindsay Monroe
Eddie Cahill
as Det. Don Flack
A.J. Buckley
as Adam Ross
Robert Joy
as Dr. Sid Hammerback
David James Elliott
as Russ Josephson
Sydney Park
as Ellie Danville
Cody Longo
as Tyler Josephson
Taylor Kinney
as Jayson Luck
Christopher Jacot
as Harvin Garrity
Alexis Delarosa
as Barry Fisk
Justin Dray
as Byron Wendle
Mark Gerson
as Young Man
Tom Riordan
as Foreman
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