What if They're Stuck


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Convinced that he can prove his innocence if he could just locate the murder book, Brett takes a trip to the Internal Affairs office. When things fail to go as planned the first time around, the desperate Brett is left with not other choice than to go back and take a hostage.


Taye Diggs
as Det. Brett Hopper
Moon Bloodgood
as Rita Shelten
Meta Golding
as Jennifer Mathis
Victoria Pratt
as Andrea Battle
Ramon Rodríguez
as Damien Ortiz
Adam Baldwin
as Chad Shelten
Brian Goodman
as Lt. Darnell Graves
Shane Edelman
as Roknowski
Clayton Rohner
as Surfer Dude
Jonathan Banks
as Shadow Man
Chester McMillion
as Rogue SWAT Guy
Clifton Powell
as Lt. Dwayne Romero
Mitch Pileggi
as Det. Spivak
Michael B. Silver
as Nathan Baxter
Joe Nieves
as Fencik
Kwesi Boakye
as Jennifer's Son
Laniesha-Jopre Irvin
as Jennifer's Daughter
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