Samuel L. Jackson


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Andy (Ricky Gervais) and Maggie (Ashley Jensen) are extras in a Samuel L. Jackson movie. Maggie's on-set crush this time is Dan (Michael Wildman), a black actor with a small role in the film. When Dan tells Maggie that there aren't a lot of roles available for black actors, she suggests he try Crimewatch. "They always need black actors for the crime re-enactments" Maggie tells him, before realizing how she sounds, and adding, "Or white actors." Maggie continues to pursue Dan, though she worries that he thinks she's a racist. She asks Andy, "What if I subconsciously am a little bit racist?" Andy helpfully administers what he claims is some kind of "official" racism test. When tested, Maggie would rather come home to Johnny Depp than OJ Simpson, among other indicators of her alleged racist proclivities. Andy tells her she's scored a "hate rating of 9.8, one more than Hitler." Andy's own hatred of awkward social situations comes into play when another extra (Steve Speirs) tries to befriend him. The dullard tells Andy several tragic tales of friends who have lost eyes or limbs. But when he recommends Andy for a small speaking role in the film, Andy tells him he owes him one, and the other extra asks Andy to take him out for a meal in return. Andy decides to do "the only honorable thing," and "add him to the long list of people that I have to avoid for the rest of my life." This proves easier said than done.


Ricky Gervais
as Andy Millman
Grace Kingslene
as Actress
Ashley Jensen
as Maggie Jacobs