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Peter thinks he's suddenly become brilliant after winning a game of "Trivial Pursuit", little realizing that Lois had merely let him win. To let Peter down easy, Brian the dog arranges for his master to get an IQ test. As a result, Peter is classified as "retarded"--and he intends to take full advantage of the fact that the world gives a special pass to Special People. In the same spirit of taste and delicacy, this episode offers a musical performance by a singing tumor, and a knee-slapping reference to the bombing of Hiroshima.


Seth MacFarlane
as Peter/Stewie/Brian/Quagmire/Tom Tucker/See-n-Say Voice
Alex Borstein
as Lois/Diana/Woman
Adam West
as Mayor Adam West
Seth Green
as Chris/Rocky/Burger King Employee
Phil LaMarr
as Judge
Gilbert Gottfried
as Child Servis
Mike Henry
as Cleveland
Gary Cole
as Agent Jessup/Priest
Michael York
as British Narrator/Maitre'd
Phil LaMarr
as Announcer/Judge
Alec Sulkin
as Dan Rather
Danny Smith
as Japanese Man/Pundit/The Fatman
Len Maxwell
as Pundit/Test Administrator/Timer
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