Critic Consensus: With "Rhinoceros," Fargo demonstrates its ability to masterfully tell a story that is both tense and hilarious.

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Lou and Hank try to prevent an altercation; Peggy and Ed defend their choices; and the Gerhardts attempt to get back one of their own.


Kirsten Dunst
as Peggy Blomquist
Patrick Wilson
as Lou Solverson
Ted Danson
as Hank Larsson
Jean Smart
as Floyd Gerhardt
Jesse Plemons
as Ed Blomquist
Zahn McClarnon
as Hanzee Dent
Angus Sampson
as Bear Gerhardt
Brad Mann
as Gale Kitchen
Bokeem Woodbine
as Mike Milligan
Nick Offerman
as Karl Weathers
Cristin Milioti
as Betsy Solverson
Rachel Keller
as Simone Gerhardt
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Critic Reviews for Rhinoceros

Bokeem Woodbine as Milligan always steals every scene he's in.

Nov 17, 2015 | Full Review…

While "Rhinoceros" didn't bring out the tip of the horn, so to speak, the tense episode did introduce a number of wanted dynamics.

Nov 17, 2015 | Rating: B | Full Review…

Let's talk about war. We might as well; this week, everybody's doing it. Two speeches about war bookend "Rhinoceros," last night's extraordinary episode of Fargo.

Nov 17, 2015 | Full Review…

This episode was so loaded with award-worthy performances (not to mention top-notch screenwriting and directing) that we feel like Oprah on Christmas day. YOU get an Emmy! And YOU get an Emmy! EVERYBODY GETS AN EMMY!

Jun 20, 2018 | Full Review…

"Rhinoceros" was a masterpiece in timing and direction.

Nov 17, 2015 | Rating: 9.8/10 | Full Review…

At some point I just stopped taking notes on "Rhinoceros" and inched closer and closer to the screen 'til my eyeballs were pressed against the glass and nearly popped. That's how great an episode of Fargo "Rhinoceros" was.

Nov 17, 2015 | Full Review…

As the body count rises, somehow I just keep smiling. Ah jeez, what does that say about me? It doesn't matter. It just shows you just how darn good Fargo is at its story-telling and tone.

Nov 17, 2015 | Full Review…

For all his bluster, Karl Weathers comes into his own this week, as we first learn that he's the best (sorry, only) lawyer in town, and then get to see him back up his bravado with a sterling performance.

Nov 24, 2015 | Full Review…

"Rhinoceros" ditched some of the heavier Camus for some classic Carpenter, as Lou, Ed, Bear, Hanzee, Charlie, and Karl Weathers (with a K) reenact a politer version of Assault on Precinct 13.

Nov 17, 2015 | Full Review…

"Rhinoceros" is a crackerjack hour of television, holding over the level of tension from last week's episode while upping the ante considerably, as nearly every character finds him or herself facing down a life-or-death situation.

Nov 17, 2015 | Rating: A | Full Review…
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