Brannigan Begin Again


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Zapp Brannigan accidentally explodes the Democratic Order of Planets (DOOP) and he loses his rank in a court sentence after Leela testifies against him. He and his assistant, Kif Kroker, become homeless vagrants, so Professor Farnsworth hires them to work for Planet Express. While delivering pillows to a high-gravity planet, Zapp convinces Fry and Bender to overthrow Leela so that he can be captain. When they eagerly comply, Zapp takes over and leads the crew into an attack on the Neutral Planet. Scared of dying, Fry and Bender turn on Zapp and make Leela captain again.


Billy West
as Fry/Prof. Farnsworth/Dr. Zoidberg
Katey Sagal
as Leela
John DiMaggio
as Bender
John DiMaggio
as Bender
Phil LaMarr
as Hermes Conrad
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