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What is Dead May Never Die



Critic Consensus: Superbly written and directed, "What is Dead May Never Die" evokes a range of emotions as uneasy alliances are forged, past traumas are explored, and the stakes grow ever higher.

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At the Red Keep, Tyrion plots three alliances through the promise of marriage. Catelyn arrives in the Stormlands to forge an alliance of her own. But King Renly, his new wife Margaery, and her brother Loras Tyrell have other plans in mind.


Peter Dinklage
as Tyrion Lannister
Lena Headey
as Cersei Lannister
Michelle Fairley
as Catelyn Stark
Aidan Gillen
as Petyr Baelish
Kit Harington
as Jon Snow
Alfie Allen
as Theon Greyjoy
Maisie Williams
as Arya Stark
Sophie Turner
as Sansa Stark
Natalie Dormer
as Margaery Tyrell
James Cosmo
as Jeor Mormont
Donald Sumpter
as Maester Luwin
Julian Glover
as Grand Maester Pycelle
Patrick Malahide
as Balon Greyjoy
Gemma Whelan
as Yara Greyjoy
Ron Donachie
as Rodrick Cassel
Robert Pugh
as Craster
Gethin Anthony
as Renly Baratheon
Aimee Richardson
as Myrcella Baratheon
Callum Wharry
as Tommen Baratheon
Finn Jones
as Loras Tyrell
Tom Wlaschiha
as Jaqen H'ghar
Eros Vlahos
as Lommy Greenhands
Ben Hawkey
as Hot Pie
Fintan McKeown
as Amory Lorch
Sam Callis
as Gold Cloak
Jonathan Ryan
as Iron Island Priest
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Critic reviews for What is Dead May Never Die

"What Is Dead May Never Die," the third episode of this highly enjoyable second season of Game of Thrones. Spanning the length of an already quite lengthy continent, it was a compelling and rich hour.

March 24, 2016 | Full Review…

As I'm yelling at the screen, Theon takes in that his Dad plans to lay waste to the place he's called home for a decade, and attack the man he's called brother. He doesn't bat an eyelash.

March 23, 2016 | Full Review…

Season 2 only gets better, even if we miss out on a few character stories like Stannis, Robb and Daenerys Targaryen this week, but Tyrion Lannister continues to hold the show together with his scene-stealing ploys.

June 11, 2018 | Full Review…

It wasn't a great episode for fans of Dany or Stannis (or steadfast opponents of child slaughter). But if you're an Arya fan, you've got to be feeling pretty good about her future prospects, even with her now in Lannister hands.

March 24, 2016 | Full Review…

What Is Dead May Never Die,"... was easily the best Game of Thrones episode thus far in season 2... excellent writing, excellent direction, slavish devotion to the source material, and enough revelatory "new" scenes to make even the purists sit up.

March 23, 2016 | Full Review…

Winter is coming to Westeros, and all the supernatural elements of the ancients seem to be waking.

March 22, 2016 | Rating: 7.7/10 | Full Review…

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