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Get Smart (1965 - 1970)

Get Smart (1965 - 1970)




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'Would you believe,' as Maxwell Smart would say, this spy spoof was for a time all the rage (and an Emmy winner to boot)? Baby Boomers can never hear that phrase, used by the inept agent when caught in a ridiculous situation, without recalling this series (co-created by Mel Brooks), which is filled with James Bond-style capers featuring Smart; his sexy partner, Agent 99, at the C.O.N.T.R.O.L. agency; and K.A.O.S., the sinister organization they battled, invariably with chaotic results.

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1969, CBS, 26 episodes

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1968, CBS, 26 episodes

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1967, CBS, 26 episodes

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1966, CBS, 30 episodes

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1965, CBS, 30 episodes


Don Adams
as Maxwell Smart (Agent 86)
Dave Ketchum
as Agent 13
Stacy Keach Sr.
as Prof. Carlson
Bernie Kopell
as Siegfried
Patti Gilbert
as Miss Magruder / Rhonda
King Moody
as Markovitch
Donald Diamond
as Goldmouth
Jane Dulo
as Mother
Oscar Beregi
as Beastmaster
Howard Caine
as Dr. Fish
Stacy Keach
as Carlson
Victor French
as Agent 44
John Doucette
as Von Klaus
John Fiedler
as Hercules
Ralph Manza
as Finster
Bob Karvelas
as Larrabee
Lyn Peters
as Mrs. Neal
Joseph Sirola
as Harvey Satan
Ellen Weston
as Dr. Steele
Eddie Ryder
as Psychiatrist
Judy Dan
as Susie
John Myhers
as Wolenska
Irwin Charone
as Whitaker
Johnny Carson
as Train Conductor
Fabian Dean
as Delivery Man
Kurt Kreuger
as Auerbach
Marcel Hillaire
as Prof. Duval
Paul Lukather
as Baccardo
Del Moore
as Agent 38
Than Wyenn
as Mondebello
George Sawaya
as Werewolf
H.M. Wynant
as Valentine
Joey Forman
as Harry Hoo
Vito Scotti
as Prof. Dante
Stuart Nisbet
as Schulman
Dana Elcar
as Kruger
Al Molinaro
as Agent 44
Diahn Williams
as British Agent
Tisha Sterling
as Miss U.S.A.
Monty Landis
as General
George Ives
as Bascomb
Stu Gilliam
as Samuels
Ann Elder
as Dr. Simon
Lynn Borden
as Miss Parker
Gale Sondergaard
as Mrs. Van Hooten
Pat Paulsen
as Ace Weems
Ben Wright
as Hillary
Karen Steele
as Mary Jane
Patrick O'Moore
as Dr. Shotwire
Marc London
as Agent 74
Larry Storch
George Macready
as Fitzmaurice
Jack Cassidy
as Mr. Bob
Ivor Francis
as Pedechefsky
Tom Poston
as Mad Scientist
Paul Richards
as Ironhand
Don Diamond
as Goldmouth
Jonathan Harris
as Ambassador
Ned Glass
as Freddie
Michael Pate
as Naharana
Torin Thatcher
as Dr. Braam
Lew Gallo
as Nealis
Lisa Pera
as Mme. Verna
as Charlie
Bruce Gordon
as Gronski
Regis Philbin
as Bakery Man
Alan Baxter
as Sen. Wheelwright
Russ Conway
as Captain
Anthony Caruso
as Red Cloud
Ford Rainey
as Prof. Sontag
Murray Matheson
as Devonshire
Donald Davis
as Dr. Yes
Vincent Price
as Jarvis Pym
Bert Freed
as Badeff/Mr. Big
Ian Abercrombie
as Sgt. Poole
Bill Oberlin
as W.C. Fields
Paul Hahn
as Phineas
Harry Bartell
as Dietrich
Peter Coe
as Petroff
Alex Rocco
as KAOS Agent
Myrna Ross
as Fatima
Edward Kovens
as Moorpark
Ned Wertimer
as Dr. Proctor
Inger Stratton
as Princess Ingred
Gregory Morton
as Dr. Haskell
Adele Palacios
as White Cloud
Carol Ohmart
as Countess
Judy Lang
as Mildred
Lisa Gaye
as Miss Smith
Cesar Romero
as Kinsey Krispin
Jamie Farr
as Musician
Pete Barbuti
as Dr. Von Schikel
B.S. Pully
as One-Way Al
John Zaremba
as Senator
Martin Kosleck
as Dr. Drago
Tony Lo Bianco
as KAOS Agent
Gil Green
as Kimmel
Charles Irving
as Noodelman
Walker Edmiston
as Prince Buhbi
Jana Taylor
as Isabella
Eileen Weston
as Dr. Steele
Percy Helton
as Pfister
Ron Husmann
as Hammerstein
Arthur Batanides
as KAOS Agent
Robert Patten
as Agent 54
Valerie Hawkins
as Miss Transmania
Patty Regan
as Mrs. Macklin
Carol Burnett
as Ozark Annie
Allen Jaffe
as One-Handed Man
Pat Houtchens
as Scientist
Frank de Vol
as Carleton
Jan Arvan
as Sehokian
Tim Herbert
as Ballantine
Morton Jacobs
as The Choker
John Alvin
as Rhinehouse
Woodrow Parfrey
as Dr. Pasteur
Barry Newman
as Assistant
Louis Wills
as Bubinski
Sidney Clute
as Chaperone
Jim Boles
as Dr. Ratton
John Byner
as Gorshen
Loree Frazier
as Redgrave
Janine Gray
as Zelinka
Don Brodie
as Informer
Lee Bergere
as Richelieu
Pitt Herbert
as Standish
Johnny Seven
as Kosovich
Laurie Main
as Dr. Ramsey
James Nolan
as Policeman
Jack de Leon
as Stronheim
Peter Canon
as Kadinsky
Maury Wills
as Roberts
Rege Cordic
as Quinton
Paul Wexler
as Hogarth
Diana Webster
as Mrs. Waterhouse
John McLiam
as Seidlizt
Mickey Manners
as Gertrude/Gerald
Paul Comi
as Le Moco
Phil Roth
as Little Man
Peter Robbins
as Tattledove
Jay Lawrence
as Kohlman
Raymond O'Keefe
as First Sailor
Michael Long
as Centurion
Leo Gordon
as Grillak
Willis B. Bouchey
as Air Force General
Iris Adrian
as Mrs. Dawson
Kay Michaels
as Receptionist
Larry Duran
as El Gatto
James Millhollin
as Ticket Seller
Jean Marie
as Pussycat
Henry Hunter
as Tudbury
Peter Brocco
as Prof. Pheasant
Don Ross
as Becker
Ann Summers
as Hermione
Noam Pitlik
as Bodecker
Eddie Hice
as Drummer
Judy McConnell
as Stewardess
Joe Bernard
as Karl Vogel
Joan Patrick
as Victoria
Helen Boll
as Helen Boll
Ella Edwards
as Miss Hoskins
Mrs. Don Adams
as Bridesmaid
Andy Albin
as Bartender
Ralph Moody
as Carruthers
Gordon Jump
as Hodkins
Billy Curtis
as El Lobo-ito
John Barbour
as Webster
John Trayne
as Waterhouse
Vince Howard
as Policeman
Bob Carroll
as Otto Cronin
Cliff Norton
as Gen. Christian
Allen Joseph
as Windy Vasquez
Roy Dean
as Magistrate
Billy Bletcher
as Frank Ogg
Alan Drake
as Sergeant
Jerry Maren
as Lower Gemini
Lennie Bremen
as Bartender
Owen Bush
as Bartender
Ned Wever
as Judge
Natividad Vacio
as Felicidad
Chuck Harrod
as Second Sailor
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TV Network: CBS
Premiere Date: Sep 18, 1965
Genre: Comedy
Executive Producer: Leonard Stern
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