A' ale Ma'a Wau (Fish Out of Water)


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A Texas Ranger comes to Hawaii to search for his missing daughter. Meanwhile, Kono and Adam fight to stay alive when their secret location is discovered.


Alex O'Loughlin
as Steve McGarrett
Scott Caan
as Danny Williams
Daniel Dae Kim
as Chin Ho Kelly
Grace Park
as Kono Kalakaua
Masi Oka
as Dr. Max Bergman
Taylor Wily
as Kamekona
Michelle Borth
as Catherine Rollins
Teilor Grubbs
as Grace Williams
Ian Anthony Dale
as Adam Noshimuri
Dennis Chun
as Sgt. Duke Lukela
Justin Bruening
as Billy Harrington
Tim Daly
as Ray Harper
Brando Eaton
as Carl Jacobson
Kristi Lauren
as Amanda Harper
Tia Morales
as Looky Loo
Bobby Foley
as Michael Maki
Ajax Maharlika
as Frankie Choi
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